The basics of using Excel - GCSE Statistics

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Hi Everyone,

I need some advice and some basic tips on the essentials to using Excel for creating graphs, charts, analyzing data, separating and narrowing down pieces of data when you are given a large spreadsheet with lots of information. I am in Year 9 and Top Set for Mathematics. Students in my set have been entered to GCSE Statistics early in YR 9, with the controlled assessment from 19-23 October 2015. and exam in early June 2016. There are 4 major sections to our controlled assesment in the following order:

1 - Planning
2a - Collecting Data and Displaying Collected Data
2b - Creating Graphs, Proccesing Collected Data, Displaying Proccesed Data
3 - Evaluation & Interpetation
4 - Appendix

I feel that I have the planning of the controlled assessment, on lock, and I feel I have the potential to acheive high marks in that section of the exam. However, I feel slightly unsure of how I will put the collected data in spreadsheets, and proccess them.

Anybody here have any tips on how I can do this? I NEED high marks, and because the CA is worth 60% of the final GCSE Grade, I need to get at least an A.

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