Started new job - limited training and only person in team.

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I was given a short term secondment in an area that I was interested in at work, and got to shadow someone for 5 days before being the only person in the team bar my manager. She is also kinda new to the role. This role has the potential to go permanent.

It's in an area that I don't have much background in, but I am keen to learn, and am working in my own time to try to get whatever my manager throws at me done. Including weekends.

The issue is, my manager is throwing a lot of new things at me, some of which I have never done before and just have to wing it and hope it's right. I'm getting some solid work done in some areas, but others I struggle, and there is no-one for me to turn to and in effect, it takes me a while to get these tasks done. No training was provided in about 80% of tasks although I have a background in the industry, so I can work it out but it takes me longer than my manager expects.

I feel quite bad about it as it stresses me out and I feel that I am taking on too much (in the intent of making a solid attempt at everything), but there are some tasks (50% ish) that I need assistance/training in. I told her that some tasks I have never done before, but ill give it a go, and her response is fair - that she hasn't done it before either...

How do I approach my boss to tell her that I need more help/support in certain things, and that I feel we are running things to quick for me to be able to get things done, given the fact that I have not been given training or instruction in lots of tasks allocated to me?
Some of the work has to be presented to 20 ish people, and I don't feel really confident in it, given my experience. My colleagues recognise the fact that I am on a steep learning curve.

(My boss has limited technical knowledge on some parts of the specifics of the role)
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Maybe just approach her and ask her something about a particular task, tell her you are unsure how to do it and then at the same time bring up how there are other tasks you are unsure of and let her know you are struggling, tell her you think it's due to lack of training. Even if she cant help you, at least she will know your current situation and know that you are trying.

At the end of the day, if you have not been given enough training that is not your fault. All you can do is try your best and if you do something wrong or don't finish something on time, then at least you have already informed them that you were struggling and why.

I'm sure in a month or so it will get easier as you learn how to do things, starting a new job is difficult for everyone. If things do not get better within a few months then consider quitting, because if the company is not treating you right and the job is effecting your mental health, then no matter how much you are getting paid it is not worth it. There's no point doing something that takes up so much of your life if you don't enjoy it.

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