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Boyfriends sister is awful to him, not sure what to do watch

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    Hi all,

    sorry this is sort of a rant..
    but my main questions are

    how do i stay quiet when my boyfriends sisters treat him badly?
    how do i say nicely that id rather not be friends with them ? (rather than polite when it comes to gatherings etc)

    back story...

    any advice would be really appreciated. basically my boyfriend comes from a massive family and he only has 2 sisters,the rest are boys (we're all in our 20s). we've been going out over a year and my boyfriend has sort of mentioned on several occasions that he would like me and his sisters to get friendly,go shopping together go for cocktails etc. however i have been reluctant to as while they have been polite to me when i have been in their company they are so rude,bossy and ungrateful towards my boyfriend they often fight. now this is a bit more than sibling fall outs, they are just so rude and disrespectful towards him, to be honest i wouldnt associate myself with people like that by choice.

    first of all i feel bad for my boyfriend, they think he is there servant and should tend to their every needs at any point in the day even though both of them have boyfriends. There is times this has come in between our relationship as they expect him to go over to help them with something right that second, i live half an hour away from them, so this means me driving him to their house, even though they have cars...

    its about a 30 minute walk from my boyfriends house to hers. she asked him to borrow a library book for her, she came round and collected it from his house. so tomorrow is the return date, and she rang my boyfriend and told him he had to come round and collect it because she *didnt* know what number his house was. and second of all, she was going on her holidays that evening so she was officially in holiday mode so shes not doing anything for anyone. so my boyfriend was forced to walk round and pick it up because he didnt want any late fines.

    second of all, my boyfriends washing machine broke, so his sister offered to wash his work clothes (he works at a bar every weekend). he rang her the night before and asked could he call round to pick them up - she said she hadnt got them washed but would be ready before his shift the next day so he organised for him to pick them up at 3pm. so the next day my bf is ringing her, cant get through..so he rings his mum, who tells him the sister has left for the day and won't be back until the next day. so finally the sister gets in touch with her, and lets her know that my bf will be coming round to collect his clothes meanwhile my bf can hear the other sister on the phone to the mum saying that they were ringing him all day but he ignored their calls so they were just going to leave for the day (they were staying somewhere 2 hours away), i just couldnt understand this, like they knew he needed his work clothes. so anyway,long story short, when he arrived at her house, she threw the unwashed/unironed clothes out the window. and that was the end of that.

    this is just a couple of examples where i get really frustrated and upset for my boyfriend and im the type of person that if it was me,i would tell them were they can go.. but i feel like im stuck and cant comment on his sisters because theyre his family, even though i cant stand seeing my bf upset by how they treat him

    to be honest, this isn't even that bad
    If he doesn't mind how his sisters treat him, then you shouldn't care too much either
    Trust me, I've got sisters and they're a lot worse than this
    At the end of the day i'm pretty sure that his sisters love him

    but one thing, i don't think you should be forced to talk/ hang around with them more than necessary if you don't want to. Just try and come up with excuses for why you cant be with them
    just make sure that you don't say how much you don't like them as at the end of the day, they are you boyfriend's sisters
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