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    I'm at Falmouth University. Don't get me wrong, its beautiful here, but I'm not gelling with anybody. I love how its an Arts specialist University and I love the course itself, there's one module I absolutely hate but its only for the first semester. The only thing is, I'm just not making any close friends or anything, and I am a really confident person, I've made a few friends here and there, but my flatmates don't like partying, they all stay inside, so I was forced to go to Freshers alone. But there's nobody I connect with.

    My boyfriend goes to Aberystwyth University, and when I went down there to see him briefly I had a great time. I met his flatmates and I instantly gelled with some of his friends, I met loads of people on a night out and felt like I was making real friends in one night, it was amazing. I love the place, its beautiful. But the course is really crap, and its no disrespect to anybody who goes to Aberystwyth, because Falmouth isn't top of the ladder, but it is top for the most Creative University in the country, but Aberystwyth English with Creative Writing courses are really crappy, and so are the stats, and I'm not sure I'd enjoy the course as much as the one here. They also do exams, which I get worried about doing, I don't like exams, so coming to Falmouth they treat you like a writer, like an artist, its all coursework, you shape what your degree is in and outside of lectures and seminars. That's one of the best things about this university.

    But everybody here is on drugs or just acts so immature, something they're not.

    Maybe I'm falling in love with the place because I miss my boyfriend, but I don't miss him like, "oh my god I have to be with him right now", I miss him like I miss my parents, very much so, and I'm really close to my family, and I am to him, but I don't think I'd be going to Aber for him, I'd be doing it because I had so much fun there. I don't know what my options are really, but basically, Falmouth has the better course, and I know that at the end of the day I'm at university for the degree and the course, that's what I'm paying for, but its not all about just the course, there's also friends and social life and people to think about. I think Aberystwyth has the people and the social life and the fun that I want, neither university has an amazing nightlife, but I wasn't looking for those when I applied to uni. I had more fun there. But I can't tell whether I'm getting confused because I was with my boyfriend and it was a reunion in a way at the same time.

    So yeah, any advice would be massively appreciated and thank you for your help.

    You don't make "close friends" in the space of a few weeks. Just because it's taking you a while to connect with folks where you are, doesn't mean you never will.

    What your boyfriend has are good party/drinking buddies. If you went to Aber, there's no guarantee that they'd want you along for the ride all the time.

    How would you feel if you followed him to Aber and found yourself in a similar position, apart from your b/f? Having you clinging around wouldn't endear you.

    You'll see your b/f during holidays. You'll be apart for a matter of weeks each term. That's not a long time. Nothing bad will happen to you just because you're away from your b/f. Missing someone you care for, isn't a terminal condition. A degree will last a lifetime and you only get one shot at Student Finance - you're potentially putting it at risk.

    You're at uni to get a degree. By your own judgement, you're doing a good course at the right uni for the subject and the same thing at Aber would be a car crash. If you get on with the job and keep talking to those around you, you stand a very good chance of building friendships. When you're an adult, in an adult environment, proper friendships need to be built on better foundations than just drinking and partying. I can guarantee that there are other people around you who feel the same way about drugs and immaturity
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