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I am a failure, I won't even get a job. I won't be able to get my parents out of poverty. My parents will have to work for hours and hours all because I'm too stupid and skill-less to get a job. They invested me and this is how I repay them back.

There's a tonne of other issues, but this is what stands out to me the most. My parents expected me to get somewhere but I amount to nothing. I'm such a waste of space.
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Hey, loads of people, including me have been in this situation. Just because you can't get a job does not mean you are a failure. Getting a job is really difficult and even really confident skilled people can sometimes struggle.
What kind of job are you after? Have you got any qualifications? If you are desperate for a job and don't mind working minimum wage then I suggest you sign up to a recruitment agency or apply for zero hours positions. These kind of jobs are usually easier to get and even if you don't like the hours or the pay at least your gaining experience to put in your cv for the future. Even though many people talk badly about these kinds of jobs I've worked zero hours for an agency for ages now and really enjoy the flexibility and I think working with different people each shift has built my confidence.
All you can really do is keep trying and something has to come up eventually, just don't give up.

As for other issues, if you are feeling really down then I suggest you go to the doctors about it as you may be depressed and leaving it could mean you get worse. You don't have to tell your family, but talkng to a professional might really help you, you can get free cbt on the nhs.
You're probably just in a bit of a rut at the moment. Try writing down a list of productive things that you want to get done every day like, apply for three jobs or go for a run. This will give you a bit more purpose and also something to aim for.

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