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    I need some advice about choosing my a level subjects. Can anyone answer the following questions?:
    - Which board is the most common for English lit and what does the course cover?
    - What is the edexcel English lit course like? Do you enjoy it? What texts are you study and how big is the workload?
    - Which is more difficult and which has a bigger workload? English lit (edexcel) or philosophy aqa, plush which do you more enjoy?
    - how much of jump is there between further maths gcse and maths a level? How much harder is further maths at a level?
    - Does anyone do ocr computer science? How different is it from the gcse? Would I enjoy the a level if I dislike the gcse and vice versa
    - Does anyone do history of art or classical civilisation? How do you find it?
    - is french a level too much work? What is the likelihood of getting an A* at a level of you got an A* at gcse?
    And finally, which subjects do you recommend i do?
    I am definitely doing maths and physics. I'd like to do five as and drop one at a level. The other subjects in considering are English lit, philosophy, chemistry, computing and French. And further maths because I enjoy maths and might want to do computing at uni. Another thing, I hate maths gcse but love further maths. At university in thinking of doing aeronautics or just physics or science and engineering in general. I'd like to keep my options of doing compsci at uni open and maybe even a humanity or medicine. I was considering do maths and philosophy joint or something. And sometime in the future I'd like to write a novel. All opinions and advice welcome, please share

    You don't need 5 as levels as one of them would be a waste of time as would your second at A2. Remember, you'll do AS exams. For 5 as levels that's around 10-15 exams. Also, if you carry 4 A2 then you'll have to redo all your last year exams plus new exams. That could equate to 14-20 exams.

    You don't need 5 as levels, 4 is way more then enough. If you do 5, you have a chance of not getting higher grades. You only need 3 A2 for university and that's why one of them would go to waste.

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    I am doing History Alevel and I am enjoying it so far. There is a LOT of content to learn which involves a lot of detail plus basically all the questions involve essays. So if you enjoy writing essays or you are good at it, History would be a good choice. Also, look into the topics your school is doing and see if you are interested by it. Good luck!

    im in year 13, ive done english lit but dropped it after the first year, and have done philosophy for both years.
    1) The first year in english lit we did 3 literature pieces ( 2 for coursework and 1 for the exam) and poetry, which we also ad an exam for. The coursewrok book were The road & The handmaids tale. For the exam, we did Mrs Dalloway & the poetry was Emily Dickinson. The second year is shakespeare, Ben Jonson & gothic lit (edgar allan poe) 2) I personally didn't enjoy english lit, i just picked it due to the fact that im naturally good at it and i enjoy reading. The workload is quite a lot, but if you enjoy the subject or enjoy reading it wont be a bother at all. 3) I did english lit and philosophy and personally i prefered philosophy, which is why i dropped english after the first year and carried philosophy on. The workload is definiltely more for english lit, but you have to do lot of wider reading for philosophy, as for the exam you have to answer two 25 mark questions and two 10 mark questions, so you need to know enough info to cover this. 4) the difference between GCSE maths and A-level is crazy! i wouldnt do it unless youre genuinly brill at maths. 5) i dont do computer science so i cant help with that. 6) i do A- level art, and within that we did a unit of history of art, and i really enjoyed it. If you're interested in history you will obviously enjoy it. thats all i can help you on, but if i was you, i wouldnt do 5 A-levels, thats way too much. each subject has more than one exam so youre talking 10-15 exams in the space of a month.
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    Thank you so much for your advice! Would the wider reading you do for philosophy equate to the workload you had for English? What made you dislike English? (apart from the workload and liking philosophy more)


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