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Breathing difficulties? watch

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    So for the past month or so I've been having some trouble breathing, and it's gotten worse over the last two weeks. My throat always feels tight and quite a lot of the time I feel as though I'm not getting enough air, so I try to take a deep breath but can't, and it makes it harder to do certain things (e.g. singing as I have to breathe at awkward times, and also eating as I can't breathe properly through my nose) Sometimes when it gets really bad it feels almost like my throat is closing up, so I take several short sharp breaths to make sure I'm getting enough air. The doctor said it could be anxiety but I don't feel as though I have anything to be anxious about? I don't think it's asthma either. Any opinions/help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

    do you have wheezing?

    it easily could be anxiety the way you are explaining it. are you in a "hurry for doing something all the time" kinda mindset? or something similar?

    I had this when I was around 11/12 years old and I genuinely thought I had a breathing issue because I'd be gasping for air just sitting down and my heart would be beating incredibly fast. This all happened after my first panic attack though. I think it scared me so for the next few months I'd keep thinking that I "couldn't breathe" but really I was just incredibly anxious because it wouldn't ever bother me if I was distracted with friends and playing outside. Eventually I just learned that it was anxiety and got over it. Hope it's the same for you.

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    Go to the doctors could be number conditions (sinuses,dust,inflammation ,polyps.)

    It could be an underlying disorder with the heart, especially if you have difficulty breathing throughout the day, even when relaxed - for example laying in bed watching tv.. If it persists I would ask for a doctor's opinion.
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    I had this! I have had all sorts of physical symptoms of anxiety, and yes it is anxiety I have finally accepted. It first started when i was about 14 and I felt a sudden shortness of breath. This came when I was on holiday abroad with family and friends, I didn't feel nervous at the time so brushed off that it could be anxiety. But it was. I had this on and off for a few years. It would come for a week and literally be there 24/7, i.e. not a panic attack. It was there when i tried to get to sleep, during lessons, watching the tv, anything. Then the next week it would appear to go, then maybe a few weeks later it would come back then it went away for a month or so and eventually it went away for good. Then came the feeling of my throat closing up. I had this for several months, non stop feeling of being strangled. this eventually went away as I focused on relaxing. I did go and see a multitude of doctors about this, i would say 7 doctors in total. They all said anxiety, one mentioned something about allergies as i saw him in the summer time, and I do have very mild asthma anyway. It may be worth getting checked out for asthma, then measure your peak flow regularly. you will get given a device to do this at home where you breath into it as hard as you can and it measures how well your lungs are functioning. It often reassures me when i do this as my peak flow is usually around 400 on a normal day and even when I feel breathless it stays at 400 which makes me realise its all anxiety and i need to relax. take your mind off it. do yoga, watch a film, anything. But know that you are not alone. What you have described are classic anxiety symptoms. Don't be scared when people say you may have an underlying condition i thought this and didn't. We are young, this doesn't happen. I would agree with going to the doctors though so they can listen to your heart and reassure you as I am not a professional. One amazing doctor actually explained to me why anxiety creates the feeling of breathlessness, he said we are subconsciously hyperventilating. As in we suddenly start unintentionally breathing more deeply and faster (you may not be able to tell but its true), and our oxygen and co2 levels go all out of balance. You need to get medical reassurance then you can completely relax but i am 99% sure this is what i had. if it helps, I know you shouldn't google symptoms but if you type in breathlessness and anxiety there are absolutely hundreds of sites with people discussing similar symptoms and people reply saying they feel exactly the same way and eventually you get over it. Good luck
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