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    I am doing a worksheet where a patient has been injected with KCl instead of NaCl.

    When calculating the new K blood conc I used c1v1=c2v2. 1L was added to a blood volume of 5L. Would my V2 Value then be 6, or would it be 5- i thought blood volume would regulate back to 5L so put this originally- but I think it might be wrong.

    I am told that Cl ions are distributed passively in muscle cells. Does this mean, when I am told to calculate the resting membrane potential of the muscle cells after accidental infusion of KCl (I had to calculate the new blood concentration K before this) that I do not need to consider the Cl ions? Would I just use the Goldman equation for K and Na (as the sodium conc would change because of the volume change- hence why I think I calculated the new K blood conc wrong originally)? I am asked to calculate the membrane potential if the patient had been infused with the correct NaCl solution aswell (after calculating the new blood concentration of Na) so would I just use the Goldman equation for Na and K again (putting in the change in conc of K due to volume change) ?
    I realised i can calculate the new concentrations of Na in blood when KCl is injected by doing c=n/v v being 6L- hence why I think i calculated the new blood con of K (and Na for that matter when NaCl is injected) when KCl is injected.
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Updated: October 19, 2015
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