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Not loving uni? :( watch

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    I've been at uni for nearly 4 weeks now and can't say I'm loving it.. I don't know if it's because I came with the expectation that uni would be the best years of my life like I've been told so many times but I'm actually pretty unhappy.
    I'm finding my course okay it's more the social side to uni that is getting me down, I thought I'd make friends easily and slot into a group with no trouble but that just hasn't happened, I feel like I've only made acquaintances and have no actual friends. I spend a lot of time in my room because half my flat mates aren't really my cup of tea, there's a couple I'm friendly with but one has befriended another block in my halls and spends all their time there/with them instead and another flatmate is in a similar position to me and struggling to find proper friends. At the moment I feel like I could easily drop out as going a whole year feeling this lonely isn't something I could do. I've seen a few people say it took them a while to make friends too but then others saying they're in 2nd/3rd year and still don't really have any and I'm so worried I'm going to be that person. Is anyone else feeling like this?? Uni has just been one big anti climax for me so far

    Now . . . I'm not saying I've already started a thread like this ... but I have :rolleyes:

    Four weeks aint a long time - that awkward time like you feel ten again is awful, I've been there.
    Here's what happened to me.
    Me and a so-called friend were in the canteen area (been on the course about 3weeks) when she suddenly stood up and walked out on me!!
    I was sitting there alone - stunned.
    Then a person on my course I had only noticed briefly walked over with her tray and said, "You look lonely" and sat down - all her mates joined us.
    The rest is history and my so-called friend never spoke to me again - but did I care?

    Do you have a common room where people gather?
    A student bar?
    If you're getting desperate then start speaking up in class more - be more noticeable.
    Sitting in your room is not going to resolve anything.
    Can you join a club being run?
    IF you intend to find a rental in year 2 then let everyone know

    It can sometimes feel lonely when you first start uni, it hasn't been that long!
    You could try joining some university societies to meet people who have the same general interests as you. For example, I joined the baking society, something a lot of other people might find to be silly, but when I went I got to meet loads of people who like to bake like me. It becomes easier to meet new people as well as sharing your interests.
    You could try sitting with different classmates in each lecture or seminar, talk to them, introduce yourself and get to know them.
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