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(Original post by clarey84)
Hey, I'm just completing the 1st year at Bham Medschool. It is a good Medical School with a good reputation.
However, you really do have to be 100% sure this is the career you want to go in. I don't want to put you off or anything but it really is hard work. I know everyone says this but you do have to be well motivated.
If you want to come to a good medschool at a nice campus and city with lots going for it, then come to bham. Really, with Medicine you have to imagine yourself in the city in which you'll be living for AT LEAST 5 years and probably a lot longer. That's just as important as looking at the structure of the course.
Hope that helps and well done for getting a place. Just be prepared for lots of hard work and exams/tests. Because I wasn't really sure I wanted to do Medicine I am now consdering transferring to a completely different course. I'm really not trying to put you off, just telling you what I think's important!!!

Hey, could you tell me more about the course's structure. How's the teachers like and how they teach/help.
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birmingham is a good med school that produces good doctors. Also the region has lots of v good hospitals and more jobs than ppl qualifying so you will be able to chose where you want to work.

the problem as with most other older med schools esp in london is that they have more than doubled their student numbers in the lst 20 yrs. more students, less experience less training. the newer med schools have a better student to patient to dr ratio but less organisational experience of running a course. that can be a good thing and most of the new med schools have taken clinical students for a long time anyway.

chose a place that you like the feel of. you'll have no trouble getting a good job wherever. what really matters is what you do in the first few years after med school

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