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Need help defining "Disability" in The Equality Act 2010! watch

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    Okay folks so I'm having bother actually understanding what is being asked of me in this essay question, and what information to include/what my argument should be.

    This question is as follows:
    "Critically evaluate the definition of a “disability” in the EqualityAct 2010, section 6(1), which states “… a person has a disability for thepurposes of this Act if he has a physical or mental impairment which has asubstantial and long-term adverse effect on his ability to carry out normalday-to-day activities.”Is this in your view the mostappropriate definition for the purposes of discrimination law? Discuss itsadvantages and its failings."

    The term "discuss" suggests that I need to take this definition of a disability apart and critically analyze what is meant by terms such as "impairment" and "substantial long-term" as well as defining what an "adverse effect" and "day to day activities" are.

    The problem I'm finding is that these words are already explained in detail within the act in various different sections, and that any possible misinterpretation of these terms are addressed in the act. Ultimately the Act is very precise in terms of clarifying exactly what it means by each of these terms.

    For example I could argue that the term "impairment" is highly subjective, and the defintion may differ from person to person. Similarly, I could argue that what may constitute a "day to day activity" to one person, may not be a regular activity to another.

    However, a definition as to what these terms actually mean are explicitly stated elsewhere in the act to avoid any such misinterpretations!

    So I'm not really sure what I should be discussing here? I could just state what the Act considers to be an impairment etc. but that would mean my answer would be far too descriptive.

    I'd really appreciate any help any of you could give me with this, feel like I'm just running round in circles! Also, my apologies if i've not explained my problem in the most simplest of term, I'm not even sure if I know what I'm trying to say!?!? Haha
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Updated: October 21, 2015
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