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    The proposed sugar tax is symptomatic of a country where the individuals live in such a state of decadence that they can no longer take responsibility for themselves as they have long since lost sight of it being a necessity.

    Meanwhile, however, we are expected to take responsibility for the rest of the world. Be it kids starving in third-world countries; earthquake ridden Nepal; migrants expecting accommodation here; people who are easily "triggered"; appeasing the views of feminists; destitute families in Syria; the handicapped; the mentally ill; the old; children; addressing people by the right pronouns; making sure not to watch films, read books, or listen to music that offends minorities or women; or even making sure we aren't "appropriating" someones culture when we make dinner, we are pressured by the media to be "responsible" every day, but not for ourselves, but everyone else.

    Here's an idea, how about before we start taking responsibility for billions of people we don't know, we start off by taking responsibility just for ourselves. That means YOU have to be the one who makes sure you don't get so fat you're likely to die before you hit 50, if you want to reach 50. If it's of no interest to you, then it's up to you if you continue to eat as much sugary crap as you wish. No, no, it isn't anyone else's responsibility. It's absolutely just yours, and the sooner people start to realize that, the sooner people will start to actually take care of themselves.

    There are only two options: You can either blame the rest of the world back to the very spark at the start of the universe, or you can take responsibility for everything you are and ever have done as entirely your own, as you are right at this moment. With the first option, no progress would ever be made as no one could ever be considered accountable for anything, so personally I think the second one is best.

    Then maybe, once you've taken responsibility for your own actions, for your own self, just maybe you might start thinking about having kids. Maybe you could start thinking about caring for all those who really know you and love you.

    And doing that is enough to be an admirable person. You don't need to take responsibility for billions of people you've never met and know nothing about, nor do you need to take responsibility for people you know but don't care about and aren't beholden to. Imagine how much better the world would be if people just took responsibility for themselves, the offspring they produce, and the people they know and love.

    The Buddhists are right about this one. You do need to start taking care of yourself before you start trying to care for everyone else.
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