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Hi, got to write an essay for A2 English Language about snippets from the texts A. "Your Pocket Guide to Sex" by Nick Fisher (published 1994) and B. "Instructions to his Sonne: and to posteritie" by Sir Walter Raleigh (published 1632 -but written between 1603-18).
The questions we've been given to answer are:
1. Identify the ways the language has changed across the key constituents of graphology, morphology, lexis and grammar.
2. Can you suggests reasons why these changes might have taken place?

So far I've grasped texts and wrote an opening paragraph.
I need help on basically everything else, because we need to include:
- The Great Vowel shift
- Invasions (influences, vikings, french, norman)
- Development of the language
- Synchronic and Diachronic
- Inflections
- Standardisations
- The Printing Press
and just basically everything english language.

I've got no hope, this essay is in for TOMORROW and it's got to be 2000 words.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou.
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Hey there i do not have particular knowledge about writing essay on this topic. But I would suggest to take help from internet do research and you will get your questions answered. Ask help from academic professionals even your seniors too. Thanks !!

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