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    I recently bought a brand new diesel vehicle and i know there wouldn't be any major problems in the short run but what about long run? how would i maintain that, i know the engine needs to be warmed up this and that and all the oils lubricate the parts but what else should i know? the previous vehicle i owned was a petrol and that, i took care of no problems.

    What sort of driving do you do? If you do lots of motorway miles there shouldn't be an issue. However, if most of your driving is short hops you need to take it out for a stretch pretty frequently to allow the particle filter to blow itself out. We just ditched our diesel in favour of a petrol car. Due to the fact that most of our miles were short hops it really didn't get on and in the end, the turbo started to go so we got rid. Not a huge fan of diesels. I like to do my own maintenance, but diesels are so complex these days it is almost impossible unless you have the right tools and expertise.

    The only thing that's really any different maintainence wise is that you really need to keep on top of your fuel filter changes. My 300tdi Discovery definately has a bit more sparkle in terms of performance when it has a fresh filter in it and mpg improves significantly, too. I do one every oil change which is more frequent than the manufacturer reccomends, but you cannot overservice a car.

    Obviously when you change the filter you need to prime the fuel system and you can make that easier on yourself if you fill the filter up first with fuel. Don't use the fuel in the old filter - chuck it away. Rather than fill the filter with fuel I actually tend to just fill it to the brim with neat injector cleaner, fire the truck up and let it idle it's way through the injecto cleaner. There's a large dirty grey cloud emmitted from the exhuast for a minute or two but it soon clears and it's definately the better for it.

    Diesels tend to be a bit harder on tyres and brakes due to the extra weight but that's just part of regular maintainence isn't it.

    If you're unlucky enough to get something with a DPF, regular "italian tune ups" are a must to prevent it from clogging.

    All the best with it.

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