Need help with Sociological Work Placement.

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Hello ,
I am in my final year of my Sociology degree. We were asked to complete a work placement (in our part time job or anywhere) for six weeks. Following this we now have to complete a 3,500 word report on this. My placement was completed in a Beauty School that offers training courses for beauticians, my role was customer service based in the office. I am having trouble completing this, here is one of the guidelines we were told to use. Formal aims of the organization — possible conflict between ideal and/or reality. Sources for this type of information — annual reports etc + own observations. I am unsure what to write for this part of the project.
Additionally, we (obviously) have to identify different concepts that applied to our placement. When I asked my tutor for help he basically ruled out all my ideas and left me with one concept which is Goffman's theory of the presentation of self. However, I feel like I should have more concepts. PLEASE could someone help me and suggest another concept I could use?
Thank you to anyone that helps me out with this!!

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