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What should I do, apprenticeship or college course? watch

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    Hi. So I've been thinking about this for a while and need some advice from someone who has a fresh mind looking in on the situation.

    In September, I started a college course a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Science - over the course of the 6 week holiday I had spoken myself into doing a pharmacy degree, because of the good salary. Yes, stupid I know as you should never go after a career for the pay, but rather because you love it. I realised 3 weeks into the course, that this was not for me. During secondary and even primary school my strengths were always English, History and Performing Arts - I also loved doing them.
    I'm not sure how I managed to come to the conclusion pharmacy was the right career path for me considering I have always struggled and never particularly enjoyed Science and Maths, definitely a foolish move on my behalf.

    Now, 6 weeks into the academic year, I have not been in one month as if you do not attend the college will just write you off the register anyway. I'm in a bit of a situation. I have been applying for apprenticeships in business admin - particularly roles where I can use my skills in English, French and Dutch. But you know when something just doesn't sit well? I have researched into apprenticeships, I'd like to think, a lot - but I'm still not convinced or entirely educated on where I could potentially end up after doing an NVQ.

    Now, on the other hand - I have been considering Media Studies in TV & Film at college. The idea of a degree in Journalism, English Lit / Lang or Broadcasting journalism really, really feels right. But the cons:
    I can't exactly turn up to college after taking this much time off and ask my Science tutor if I could transfer to another course - although he said at the beginning that if the course wasn't for us we should talk to him about it.
    I'm not much of an academic achiever. Learning in a classroom doesn't bide well with me, hence why I considered an apprenticeship, I pick things up and learn better when working alone and independently. I found in school that I learnt more when revising at home than in a classroom setting.

    To conclude, I guess overall the thought of going back into college to speak to this tutor I've not saw in a month and left without any explanation - is taking me aback. I hated Science that much, I just needed to leave. So how would I go about asking to move to Media?

    Should I consider the apprenticeship route?

    Please help. Thank you

    p.s I realise I've been foolish and have not thought wisely about my decisions, but I have definitely learnt from this that you should not go after something you don't enjoy solely based on the salary etc.

    Do the media, leave the btec alone

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