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Fellow writers please help :) watch

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    Which set of characters should I use. Bear with me please.

    I have a set of characters, let's call them Set A who I was working with. The problem is I don't find them that interesting in the stories, but the characters themselves should be interesting if that makes sense. This set of characters doesn't seem to have a unique personalities to them and the writing is sort of flat with too much dialogue and it bores me tbh. They don't tell me what to write, but sort of just sit there. With these guys nothing happens, not sure why, and the the story just fizzles out too quick. I did finish two stories with this set, but then it was stuck, although on paper it should produce some great stuff.

    Now, Set B produced some of the best writing I've ever done, but because of something stupid I did in 2009 I decided to never come back to them. However, the characters were all unique, had a unique voice to them and personalities. Like I could tell who was more likely to do something and they were pretty in depth (I thought so anyway) etc. But over time, the ideas from Set B made it into Set A (some of the things in A started in B) and some of the ideas I'm thinking of trying now in A, just work better in B (even though, backstory wise would make more sense in A, but B just does it so well). Now, here's the thing, I've been thinking about bringing them back, but 2009 prevents me doing so properly. Yesterday I put some music and got writing with the Set B characters and something clicked and I was in the zone, description was flowing, there wasn't too much dialogue like A suffers from and was getting excited by what was being written and my imagination was running like it used to back in the day, automatically filling in tiny details like how a character is sitting, how they're talking, what they're doing and the characters were telling me what they were doing. Then I had to stop for dinner which ruined my flow. It's also so easy to bring in conflict with set of characters.

    So, which set should I use? Should I kill off A and revive B or what?

    I think you should come up with set C. Perhaps make one of them a man, one an elf and one a dwarf for comic relief. Probably good to throw another man in there, and a badass wizard. And some little people for the kiddies to relate to, shall we go with 4?
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