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advise needed watch

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    Hi there, my girlfriend broke up with me two weeks ago. After being together for five years, I thought we were at a really happy place. Yes we have had our ups and downs in the past but we always sort them out within hours. She recently got a new job and has made a lot of new friends there. I think others around her have been influencing her to go out a lot and now that she has had a taste of it all she seems to do is go out with her new friends. We spend most our time together, probably too much time, but that was the way we both liked it to be. When she broke up with me, all I got was a text saying she doesn't feel the same anymore and doesn't think we have a connection. Even though I thought things had been great recently! She has told me to leave her alone, I have made the mistake of sending millions of text messages to her, so now I look desperate and annoying, but I am just so heartbroken I don't know what to do with myself anymore. I cannot explain how much I love her, everyone tells me things will get better and I will move on. Ok things may get 'better' but my life will never be the same without her in it, because no one will compare with her in my eyes. She will be in the back of my mind forever. Also I found out she has booked to go on holiday with someone else, i'm hoping this person is just a friend? but who knows maybe she had someone lined up before she ended it with me and just doesn't want to admit it to me. It seems that she is having a great time at the minute, and all I can do is sit here and think about her. I need advise, can I ever win her back? If so, how? And if I have no chance then how the hell do I move on from this? Because I feel as though my life has no purpose anymore, nothing feels the same. Thanks to anyone who reads this.

    You don't want her back if she's said she doesn't feel that way anymore. From experience I've found it easiest to go no contact; throw yourself into uni/work; go out with your friends; just spend some time having 'me time'. All of these things will be a distraction to you and you'll find yourself thinking about her less and less. You'll still think about it sometimes but when you do, it eventually won't hurt anymore

    Sorry to hear this. Been there, with exactly the same 'not feeling the same' cliche and it bloody hurts at the end of a good relationship. You do need to back off and throw yourself in to the support mechanisms of friends, beer, music, hobbies and work. It helps a little and there is no other way. In truth I was pretty cut up for over a year, also since I saw her regularly at work. The chances of getting back together, I have to say, are very slim. Once girls go cold and move on there is little hope. The best bet is to let the dust settle and see what the future holds, perhaps some friendship can be salvaged. Otherwise a long relationship seems such a waste of emotion. In due course the pain eases and new romance and love do come and the past can be put down to experience. Keep battling.

    After two years we broke up with me cause I told her no to hang around with this guy and go to his house cause I knew he would go for her
    She knows he's a playa an gets with loads of girls
    She called me up yesterday trying to be friends I was like yes okay then she told me she was dating that same guy since yesterday

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