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Are attractive women pretty much omnipotent demi gods? watch

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    Before you say I dont get laid. I got laid last week thanks yet I still have these beliefs.

    They have pretty much infinite power without ever doing any work for it. That is pretty much the criteria of having godly power.

    I bet an attractive women could easily have me killed at the flick of a finger. All she would have to do is flirt with some heavy gangster and offer even the hint he could receive sexual favour.

    Even the most powerful men have to work all their lives and there is only an infinitely small chance they will ever reach anywhere near the power of women.

    Sure men have created everything but only as the subservient slaves of women. Just like how ants or bees the common drone works tirelessly only to bring back the spoils for the hive queens.

    Should I just accept that I am always going to be a lowly worker drone for the female queen bees? I will require some kind of mental lobotomy for it not to grate on every fiber of my being.

    Life is so venal and digusting. The least deserving get the biggest rewards. The most callous, brutish and aggresive people thrive the most. And so I concluded a while ago that life is intrinsically evil.

    The average man in society is the equivalent of what starving etheopians are to fat gluttonous americans.

    I don't know about the extremes of your language but I certainly agree, men can try what they want, have certain types of dominance within male circles, etc. But women basically pull the strings and control the world. The ones obsessed with quotas, 'representative' numbers in certain to professions, and all that jazz, really are missing the underlying, fundamental point.

    (Original post by Harambulus)
    The least deserving get the biggest rewards.
    Blah blah blah to rest but I was literally just thinking this on the toilet this morning.

    I was like, why when a kid comes in pregnant when I was in high school/6th form, failing, talking ebonics, never was a good student even before, and they get all this commiseration and support from patronizing teachers who didn't even know their name before, while the smart kid needs a little guidance on how to fill out his UCAS. But he/she can't because the staff is too busy petting Tasha or Gemma's newborn's head. Like gtf outta here.

    Just reminiscing. I was a star student most of my school years but all the bad kids sucked up all the attention. Then I doodled on the table a lyric in a Lil Wayne song that said something about drugs and dying, and my teacher noticed that right? She brought that to every staff member's attention right? But when I was the only one who passed the math exam, crickets. The pigs.

    The women I come into contact with are nothing like what OP described.

    I think OP is either paranoid, or is bitter that he can't pass them sugar walls.:erm:


    So, women of this dangerously attractive level are few and far between..
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    life is disgustingly unfair, deal with it

    i like to go by the motto "life is fair because it's unfair to everyone"

    No because beauty fades.
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    Yet despite all this power women have, we still hold them down because we fear the loss of control we will face because we are so primitive in our desires, and know that their care for the world is 'so terrible'- seriously, materialism over basic human respect and dignity, give it a rest.
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