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    Can someone please help me with the following questions:

    1) The diagram attached shows a uniform rectangular lamina ABCD free to rotate in a vertical plane about a smooth horizontal axis through 0, the midpoint of AD. The lamina is of mass 2m and the sides AB and BC are length a and 4a respectively. The angle ceta is the inclination of OD to the horizontal. Particles of mass 5m, 2m and 4m are attached at the points A,B and d respectively.

    Find, in terms of m, a, g and ceta, an expression for the anticlockwise moment about 0 of the four weights.

    When a force of magnitude P is applied at the point C and in the direction of CB, the system rests in equilibrium with AD horizontal and uppermost. Show that P=6mg and in this position, find the magnitude of the reaction at 0.

    2) A light inextensible string of length 4a has a particle A of mass attached at one end and a particle B of mass m attached at the other end. The string passes through a small smooth ring which is fixed at a point 0 at a distance 3a above a horizontal table. The system is hanging in equilibrium with 0B=2a when a smooth bead of mass 2m which is threaded on the string between 0 and B is released from rest at 0. The bead falls under gravity until it collides and adheres to the particle B to for a composite particle C.

    a) Given that the string remains taut, show that the speed of C immediately after the collision is squareroot(ga).
    b)find the speed of C immediately before it reaches the table.
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    can someone please help me?

    thank you.

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