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Please someone help me with roundabouts! watch

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    I'm not even a learner I'm just horribly confused about roundabouts.

    So say there's 5 exits and you want to take the 3rd? Generally you'd go for right hand lane? There's a roundabout near me that specifies to take the left. But then, you get cars in the right hand lane trying to turn off before you or into the same road as you and it ends up getting dangerous.

    Is it best to just wait until both lanes are free before getting onto the roundabout?

    I would stick with the road markings and signs. Keep yourself right in the event of any accidents.

    I also have some trouble with lanes/other drivers at roundabouts. I passed two months ago, so I still find myself going through the motions of assessing the location of the exit, checking for signs for the lane of approach etc. but even if I do manage to do everything "correctly" it's other drivers who screw it up and make me feel like a d**k. There are at least 2 roundabouts near me which state that the left lane should be for taking the first exit only, so I take the right hand lane to take the second exit which is about 1 o clock. However, after I pass the first exit and do my mirror checks to signal left to exit, there is ALWAYS a prat sitting in the outer lane. It's only a one lane exit, so it's pretty tetchy trying to get in! Aaah!

    I'm having this trouble too. I've read several times that any exit over halfway from your current position you should take the right hand land for, you should generally pick the left hand lane for straight ahead, and anything before half way you should take the left. Unless it states otherwise on the road markings/signs (which it normally does if there's 3 approaching lanes or more)

    Defo stick to the signs/markings if they're there. If a car messes up they'd be at fault surely for being in the wrong lane.

    There's no set answer to this as the signs and markings should give you the clue. If not, then traffic patterns set by the locals should give you the clue.

    It could be that either lane could be acceptable to take the 3rd exit from 5, but if you want more specific advice, send us the google maps link to the location.

    In any case, it pays to drive defensively. If you see a car near you that wants to cut you up, ease back and let them. Confrontation and danger avoided.
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