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Best way to deal with racist bullies watch

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    Racism is rampant in my redneck town. Ethnic minorities and immigrants must feel really out of place and discriminated against. Unlike all the other uneducated fools I have compassion for those from different cultures and have been doing my hardest to make the school a racist free zone.

    I witnessed some year 9's teasing an asian boy. I was furious so in response stole one of the year 9's bags and tipped all of its contents in the bin and told him to stop discriminating or I'd knock his teeth out.

    I blame all of this on UKIP spreading their vile bigotry and culture of hate to the UK. I found out there was a card carrying UKIP member on the school council. I do not believe that someone with bigoted views on immigration and multiculturalism should have any say in how the school is run when he doesn't represent the views of me or other cultures. I first tried to be diplomatic and told him I would tolerate him being on the student council if he cancelled his ukip membership. He refused likely due to his deep set racist beliefs. This left me no choice and from this point I realised I would have to stop the spread of racism through any means necessary. I always knock over his coffee when I see him and have keyed his car. If I ever get the chance I will definitely bog wosh him.

    Yet no matter what I do he won't step down. It's really getting on my nerves and there seems to be no end to the racist incidents around the school, no matter what I try to do to stop it. It is unfair and immoral to make immigrants feel like foreigners and outsiders in this country. How do I make the thugs in my school understand this? This is why I love being ex english so I don't have to be associated with these bigots
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    i live in an area where it's rough and they all had ukip signs up which made me walk with my head down most of the time. but my school has zero tolerance on racism and other form of discrimination which is good. your area seems like a hopeless case if the school is like that, my school would indeed tell students who try to spread political agenda to stop. but keep doing what u doing, pour out their bags
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