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    Please can I have some help!!!

    1) a popular children's breakfast cereal is 35% sugar. A recommended portion size is 30g. This sugar is called sucrose and has a chemical formula of C12 H22 O11

    I) what mass of sugar is found in one portion of cereal

    II) determine the relative molecular mass of sucrose

    III) how many miles of sugar are found in one portion of cereal

    IIII) calculate the number of sucrose molecules in one portion of cereal

    2) magnesium reacts with hydrochloric acid according to the following equation: Mg+2HCl= MgCl2+H2

    I) what is the purpose of having the magnesium inside the test tube within the conical flask

    Ii) the student recorded the actual volume of gas produced and it was slightly higher than expected. Suggest a reason for this other than experimental error

    3) experiment was repeated and 0.73g of magnesium was added to 150cm3 of 0.5mold dm^-3 HCL

    I) calculate the number of miles of HCL added

    I I) how many miles of acid were left in reacted in the conical flask

    4) a student followed the original method but noticed that when strongly heating their crystals some of them spat out of the crucible. Will this make their calculation of x(number of water molecules in the solution) too high or too low and why

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    (Original post by halliethestudent)
    Please can I have some help!!!
    What have you got so far?

    Show us your workings or talk us through what you've already done.
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Updated: October 24, 2015
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