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Hi, applying now for next year having completed my a-levels. Still undecided whether I want to study biology or chemistry as I like both hence considering natural sciences.
Just wondering whether this is as well respected as a degree compared to just a pure science?
Also anyone studying natural sciences do you feel it is more difficult combining several sciences rather than focusing on one?
Natural sciences seems to have higher entrance requirements for example Bath is A*AA whereas Biology is AAB (I think)
I got 3 A*s so don't want to waste my grades if that makes sense but don't know if I would be making the wrong choice by studying such a broad degree...
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I'm currently doing NatSci at Cambridge, and would say that it is definitely as well respected as straight biology. The course gives you a good, broad knowledge of science and then you specialise later on - by the end, I should have covered all the core content from the relevant single science degree (in my case chemistry) but with additional knowledge about physics and biology. Of course, in a single science subject degree you would probably spend those class hours studying 'elective' modules, eg in languages or maths, so you do have to weigh up which employers would be more interested in - although tbh there are so many other important things employers care about than your exact degree title.

A massive benefits of the NatSci degree is that you can essentially keep up all your a level subjects and delay deciding which to specialise in until a year or two later - although the course structure, module choice, etc does vary a lot between universities.

NatSci is generally considered to be more intense than just biology, due to having to study additional subjects too - this is why the entrance requirements are generally higher. That being said, with 3A*s you should be able to come fine with the workload.
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Hi, I'm in a similar situation and sitting my A levels this summer. Which did you end up deciding on? I also couldn't really figure out why the natural sciences grades were higher...?
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