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    Basically I started working at mcdonalds a few weeks ago so I'm assuming I'm still on probation. (I'm part time) My first four shifts went well, the shift manager(s) were happy with my progress and the assistant manager was happy aswell. I only have good experience with the quarter grill and little experience on the regular grill so all the time I was on quarters and I did them fast (most of the time)

    However on my 5th shift it seemed to have went badly. The shift manager in charge was someone completely different and they seemed to hold a personal grudge against me.

    Usually, when you aren't cooking you are expected to clean surfaces or the grill (That's what I was told by previous shift managers) so I did that. I ended up with my area nice and clean and so had nothing to do. (Usually at this point previous shift managers either politely asked me to do something or we just sat around waiting for the burger count to go down)

    However this shift manager was a total D***. He expected me to know where everything was but I didn't, I tried to explain this to him but was always told "no excuses". If I wasn't doing anything (and he could clearly see I cleaned surfaces and grill) he'd moan at me despite the fact there is nothing to do. I'd get moaned at for being too slow at the Regular grill making Macs despite me being barely trained on it, again was always told "no excuses". I was moaned at for everything, previous shift managers never had a problem with my work pace and if I made mistakes they would help me correct it rather than stand next to me and moan like this one was. The shift eventually ended and this shift manager happily told me I can go.

    The next day the same guy was there as shift manager. For the first 2 hours there was another shift manager managing the kitchen area so it went fairly smoothly, he told me what to do and I did it. This shift manager's shift ended and the Mr. Moaning shift manager took his place. It seemed like he went out of his way to be an a**hole to me that shift. He had extremely high expectations for me, which was ridiculous. Other shift managers seemed fine with my work but this one always had a problem with me. He eventually told me to go home on the 3rd hour. I was supposed to do 6 but instead did 3. It ended with him saying sarcastically calling me a hard worker (he said he was joking but I don't think it was a joke)

    I have a 7hr shift tomorrow but If this shift manager is there I doubt I'll be there long.

    I don't know what to do, as long as this guy is shift manager during my shifts, he will cut my shifts short which means I'm losing out on money. What's worse is I think I'm still on my probationary period so this guy might get me to leave permanently. Obviously my best isn't good enough for this guy...
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