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Re: Last night I got called the 'N' word... watch

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    (Original post by Life_peer)
    So what? Do you expect us to pity you? :dontknow: Some old dude shouted at you from his car because his opinion on globalisation is different and he was likely pissed off about something. No harm done to you or anyone else. Move on and don't act like this only happens to minorities in this ‘big bad white country’.

    A hobo yelled at my mum something about how she's a ***** because she didn't want to buy some charity magazine from him or whatnot and she merely continued walking. Offence is taken, not given and you're an adult, so grow up.
    In the past black people have been told that they're not human beings because they're '******', that they should be enslaved because they're '******' so they should have fewer rights than white people, that they should leave this country because they're ******' and this country is for white people, and that they should accept lower standards of public services because they're '******' and therefore not as deserving as white people. In the 18th and 19th centuries this girl's ancestors were being beaten and forced to pick cotton while having the word '******' shouted at them. Hundreds of black people have died swinging from a tree on the end of a rope while a crowd of angry whites shouted 'kill the ******' or something similar. She has every right to be upset and offended when that word is used towards her, and you're a racist ****** if you deny that.
Do you agree with the proposed ban on plastic straws and cotton buds?
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