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    Hi everybody,

    I have just signed up to TSR as I have recently hit a time in my life where I have finally done some self analysing and realised I'm not where I want to be in life. I currently work a fairly laborious job as a paint sprayer, which, to cut a long story short is because the family business failed after my dad had a brain tumour and my position in the company was gone.

    After finishing my A levels in 2012 I thought I would get an apprenticeship for Rolls-Royce. It was me basically chasing money and wanting to do the same as everybody else I knew who couldn't be bothered with education any longer. To put it bluntly, I was not good enough for the job. My background was not related to the position I wanted there and I had done little to no research on the job.

    After this failure I was left without a university to attend (I never even considered this seriously, I didn't care I just wanted out of education) and no job. I eventually accepted my dads offer of working for him in the family business (Prior to this I was unemployed for around six months) It was a strong business and I became a partitioner, constructing offices around the country. Around a year later, my dad fell ill with a brain tumour and due to the small size of the company, it struggled. It was maintained for around another six months before the tumour left my dad in hospital for long periods of time, resulting in loss of contracts and deals so the business went under.

    I was devastated, as I now had no job to go to, my dad was suffering and I needed work to maintain the lifestyle I had adjusted to (paying for bills such as living costs and my cars maintenance/insurance/fuel). I applied for many jobs with no luck, as employers seemed to be turned away from the fact I worked for a family business. I then got offered a job at a joinery shop as a labourer. I accepted this, and after about eight months they saw my ability and promoted me to being the head sprayer for the company. I got a good raise, I work good hours and I have no superior. I in essence have peaked as the ladder for promotion ends with me, so all that is left would be management positions.

    This is where my dilemma occurred. I looked at my life, and realised I had wasted so long chasing money and trying to obtain short term happiness, that I was actually never happy with my job. I now feel like I have wasted my education to become something I could have very easily done without taking my A-levels.

    After alot of thinking, I want to look into going to university in 2016, and for many reasons:

    1) The financial fears I had about going to uni now seem much more manageable, I was worried about being in debt and since I paid no attention to what university was I had no idea it was paid off in such small instalments, nor how it only happens once you have financial security.

    2) My current job offers me no satisfaction, neither did my previous job. I enjoyed the money and now I realise how short term that enjoyment lasts.

    3) I am more mature. If I went to university at 18/19 I would without a doubt have gone for an all out party, dropped out and turned to what I did, making money.

    4) I have looked at my options in terms of further education and I feel like I have a better understanding of what I want to do.

    Now, I would just like to ask questions regarding what I do now. I understand I have just missed this years entry for courses, so this leaves me a long time to get a very clear idea of what I want to do and how to go about it, which I believe will do me more favours than not anyway. Here are my questions:

    1) I wish to study some form of business related course. I studied ICT and received a OCR Level 3 National Cert at grade M, I also did the same course for business and achieved a D, and finally I studied English language and literature combined and came out with a C. I know these grades aren't very good, but im almost sure I could get into a half decent university to study? Maybe top 30? I was thinking a course such as Business & Management or Business & Marketing would be a good place to look into to begin with.

    2) I have been led to believe by people around me towards the end of my A levels that university offers very little in terms of jobs in the sector people have studied towards. I would say that Business, whether it be management, marketing or economics would leave me with a rather broad spectrum of companies to aim at, and job roles too. Is this a good course to attend, I know many consider it to be softer than others.

    3) As I have been out of my sixth form for what is approaching four years, would it be a possibility I could go back and ask for help/guidance from the sixth form department in helping with my university application? I plan on speaking to my old business teacher to see if he could help me get back into the learning frame of mind, whilst maybe lending me my old work to look back over (if they still have it on record) or letting me look at business books as I have forgotten a fair portion of what I had learned all those years ago.

    4) Will the gap do me any favours or not? Having worked, become fairly self sufficient and grown as a person, surely they will see I now will be taking a more serious approach and making more of the opportunity uni would give me. I will of course attend nights out and join in with the people around me, engage in extracurricular activities and life the student life but I also know there is a limit and understand this does mean alot for your future. Maybe I'm just being optimistic here, I'm not sure.

    5) Finances! Am I still able to be granted the same student loans as when I was 18 years old leaving sixth form? My course would most likely be three years by the looks of things which isn't too bad. My dad now earns barely nothing so I was hoping I would be given some financial support in the form of a grant? I know my parents wont be able to support me at all.

    6) Would being an older student at university leave me in an odd position? I know alot of people will be younger than me, and they may be slightly more in the mind frame of work as they would have just left sixth form (unless they had a gap year of course). I don't want to be left behind, or be seen as the older guy trying to fit in with the younger lot on nights out or outside of learning. I am trying to see it as I will leave as a 25 year old mature male who knows what hard work feels like (having worked two pretty intense jobs) but again, I may just be being optimistic.

    I have alot more questions, but trying to think of them now on the spot has left me overwhelmed and I cannot think of them right now. I basically just want to know how realistic this idea is, and whether it is worth following through as I have never fancied university until now. I am willing to put the work in between now and next year, even if I have to quit my job a few months prior to focus solely on bringing back my education mentality.

    Thank you so much for any input. I greatly appreciate any form of opinion, advice or comment. Sorry for the poor structure of this question/monstrosity, I don't think I have had to write anything down or use my brain properly for what seems like a lifetime!!


    Just wanted to say thanks for joining The Student Room: welcome on board!

    How's it going so far? Found what you need? Below I've listed a few things you might fancy trying on TSR. If you've got any questions, add them to the TSR news, help and feedback forum.

    Put your work head on:
    No matter what level or subject you're studying, you'll find someone on TSR who can help. Find your subject in the Study Help forum and ask a question or visit our brilliant revision section for help and advice. And if you're planning on going to university, you have to visit our uni applications forum. It's full of people who can help you through the whole process.

    Take it easy:
    You know there's more to TSR than studying, right? In Hobbies and Interests you'll find people talking about everything from the latest football scores through to what mobile phone to buy next. Or how about the Debate and Current Affairs forum? Latest news, politics, education...it's all fair game in here.

    That's just a taster, of course. To find even more conversation, head to the Forums page and find a place to start up your own discussion.

    Enjoy the site!

    Ollie, from the TSR community team
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