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    Hi there,

    I just thought I'd share my experience and possibly as for a little advice on what I should do.

    I originally moved to Plymouth back in August after the split up of a 7 year relationship. I have moved into student accommodation which is £155 a week.

    I felt this was the only option for me, because of my Autism/Asperger's Syndrome I would find it extremely difficult to be able to live in a shared house environment, especially where my anxiety is concerned.

    Anyway, the student finance I receive (loan and grant) entirely goes onto my rent, and even then there's a shortfall of £5 a week which I have to pay out of my own money. The only money I receive is my Personal Independence Payments, and that is £220 a month.

    I needed to purchase some printing ink for my art printer which was £200 for the set. Without thinking or realising that it would take so long, I foolishly used my Personal Independence Payments money for the entire month to pay for it, assuming that I would be reimbursed soon after.

    The reimbursement was sent around the 7th or 8th of October, and they state it was received on the 15th.

    Since then I have had to make what little money I had stretch this far, and back around 9 days ago was when the money ran out. At that point I started living off of borrowed money - money for my laundry.

    Anyway, I contacted Student Finance England on Friday about the situation, explaining that I've literally been living off of glasses of water for quite some time. I was then told by the advisor that I would receive the reimbursement payment today (Monday).

    The payment didn't go in.

    I called them back to make a complaint about this, and they said "We apologise. You were given mis-information on Friday. You won't receive the payment today. You should receive it on or around the 4th of November". When I asked them that if I end up in hospital due to malnutrition, whether Student Finance England could be held responsible for that, I was responded with "We at Student Finance can not comment."

    They fully know the situation and they're just holding out. They state that the invoices are looked at in the order they are received. They said to me the reimbursements are currently being processed for the 8th of October, so those received after then won't be looked at just yet.

    I really don't know what to do. I've spoken to student services at the college, and they're looking into seeing what they can do, but surely the way things have gone on, it's a little unfair? There was absolutely nothing to say it would take up to a month to reimburse on the forms, and now I'm going hungry because of it.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your time reading this

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    Very Important Poster

    Not what you're asking for; but a few suggestions:
    As a full time student on PIP, you're entitled to both ESA and housing benefit. To claim ESA, you need a sick note from your GP. If you claim ESA, you're entitled to full housing benefit. Claim both of these as soon as possible.

    I'm going to move this one to the disabled students forum where you may get more responses.
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    Thanks, and sorry I posted in the wrong forum.

    I have already made an application for ESA and that was a good few weeks ago now, I am still waiting to hear back.

    It's really just the DSA side of things, surely they can't promise things then go back on them? I don't know, I'm just in a muddle really.

    I just spoke to the ESA team and they said the claim hasn't even been processed yet. That was sent to them a month ago.

    I just don't know what to do really.
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