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My teeth aren't completely straight after braces? watch

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    So I got my top braces taken off a week ago and I'm due to get my bottom braces put on in a couple of days, along with being given my newly made retainer. I was already worried about whether having only bottom braces would look weird but after looking at my teeth a lot, I've notice how much they've been moving back to how they were before. I'm guessing that the retainer will make them how they were when I first got my braces off but on top of this, I also feel like my teeth weren't even that straight before they started moving back- i feel like some of my teeth are still a bit teeny bit wonky and I can't tell if it's because I'm being paranoid,it just the way my teeth naturally are and it's as straight as they'll get or that they are actually a tiny bit wonky. I suffer from mild OCD and possibly body dysmorphia so this sort of thing really worries me- I've even been losing sleep over it, ridiculous as it sounds!! What would you do you were me? Do you think I should talk to my orthodontist about it?

    Talk to your orthordontist about it but if you have body dysmorphia its going to be hard to be happy with the final result

    It could be body dysmorphia or you could be correct - but one thing I'm sure of is that your orthodontist might not want to admit his job was not perfect so you might be better off asking a more objective person. Is there anyone that knew you before that could give you a honest feedback? How about pictures? Do you have before and after pictures you can compare it to? I'll go down this route first then ask my orthodontist after I know the truth
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