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    For me it is the time when I finally have to make up my mind on what to do in my life. I've been procrastinating long enough.The deal is that I am in my second year of uni and I have the oppurtunity to apply for a year long placement. I can apply for anything and anywhere that's available. Firstly, I am studying finases, so the options are quite a lot, secondly, the location! I would rather have the placement in my native country but it seems that the application process would take more time there than in UK and knowing that my uni has enforced the policy of sticking with the first company that has agreed to employ me (well, that is kinda logical)... it becomes tricky. Yes, it is possible that I will not find a proper placement in my native country, so I need to apply here in UK as well to have a back-up plan, though due the difference in the time of application (it might take longer to get a response from an employer outside the UK) the back-up plan might become the primary plan. It wouldn't be bad to work here, but eventually I would like to return back and why not sooner if possible?

    Another thing, I am starting to doubt my past choice to change my uni course. Before Finance I studied Telecommunications for a year, I didn't like it but I didn't hate it. My grades were excellent... and yet I decided that Finance was more suitable for me. Most probable reason was the poor quality of the course and, honestly, dumb classmates... The thought of opportunity cost doesn't leave my mind.

    When I think about it, the cause of my procrastiation, sudden changes of heart, doubt in decisions could be related to my fear of risk, the fear of the future, the fear to take responsibility for actions I make now that will be reflected in the future...ahh, honestly I don't know what I'm doing and what I want to do in the future. I'm only 20 years old. I am sturggling to maintain a descent life, to sustain myself with few part time jobs. If I had a goal, it could help... so basically:

    How can one find his purpose and goal?

    It just takes time. Sometimes there is some impetus when young (i.e. I want to do what you do, mommy and daddy), but a lot of the time it just takes evaluation, then trial (and sometimes error).
    I had the same problem - and I'm still in the process of defining what i want to do forever at the age of 23, though think I have finally decided but need experience to confirm.
    The university advisers tend to be very good, and would be my first stop. Mine said to use the 'Prospects planner' tool, which sort of helped confirm good matches for me, determined by my preferences generally.
    See what it gives you, and try and narrow it down to 5 from say the top 50 results of what you feel you would enjoy. Look into the options in some detail. Once you have decided, see if you can have a bit of voluntary experience or work placement in the environment of the role you feel you would like.
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