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Do police have the power to track you for a pregnancy test claim? watch

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    Just a hypothetical if a girl claimed that she thinks a random guy is the father and there is no other proof can the police track the guy's phone and force him to come in for a test?

    Note Im not saying if they did any other more serious crime so dont get the wrong end of the stick.

    I had a situation a few years ago where this happened to me where Id used a condom and the girl had had unprotected sex with her boyfriend around the same time yet she was chasing me for the test just because her ex, ex-communicated her so I was the only one she could hasstle to get the test done.

    So ever since then Ive been really paranoid about getting involved with girls and giving them any perosnal info thinking they might end up doing something like this again.

    Its annoying because I know Ive missed some opportunities in the past since I was afraid by that last incident Im always worried about giving my personal info to girls in case they turn out to be mad like this girl was.

    It was several months after we had sex that she started blowing up my phone about that I had to end up changing my number and it really was a mental burden when I hadnt even done anything wrong.

    So Im wondering do the police have any grounds to do anything if a girl made a claim like that? If not I might feel more comfortalbe giving my number out in future because I always worry they would go to police and have them see who the phone is registered to and knock on my door.

    I'm not so sure about the whole police tracking your phone. But you can get a court order to prove paternity so I suppose if you didn't show up to the place when summoned a warrant could be put out for you.
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    Yea but they would have to know my full name and adress to send me it wouldnt they.

    If it was a random girl who I met at a club they would have only my first name and phone number to 'use against me'. right?

    Although they would know where I lived if they came round to my house for mcloving a few times.

    The perilous dilemma of whether I should risk messing with chavvy girls or just go for quality girls. :P quality girls are harder that is the problem.
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