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    Our genes evolved for a Stone Age life style. Therefore, we must adopt Stone Age habits if we are to be healthy.
    Write a unified essay in which you address the following:
    Explain the logical connexion between the two sentences. What might be the practical implications if we were to agree with the reasoning? Discuss the extent to which the argument is valid.

    The two sentences are connected by the assumption that our change in lifestyle has occured too fast for evolution to change our genes to suit it. It also makes the assumption that the change in lifestyle was significant enough such that it has a negative impact on our health
    The above two connections are valid. Evolution is a process that take place over a period longer than the 2000 years during which we revolutionised our lifestyle. We are now eating fat at several times the rate of our stone age ancestors. The same trend exists for many other types of nutrition, but fat is the most concerning as it is causing obesity. We are also on average far more inactive than our stoneage ancestors, which again causes obesity. Evolution cannot keep up to enable us to tolerate this much fat, so in terms of obesity, we are worse off than our stone age ancestors.
    However, the whole argument is counter intuitive, as people in the stone age had far worse health and were exposed to far greater risks. Modern medicine, our economical infrastructure and our farming techniques has boosted our survivability and therefore our health by a massive amount. Because of our increased survivability, we have take up harmful habits like smoking and eating too much, but this is more than offset by the services of modern life.
    Moreover, it can be argued that humans have taken on a new form of evolution - one that doesn't rely on genetics but on the collective effort of human society. For example, a cancer curing drug can increase our survivability and is introduced by the collective efforts of scientists, industrialists and even the common tax payyer. We would actually devolve ourselves if we went back to stone age lifestyle.
    Therefore, even though we have not genetically kept pace with the change in our lifestyle, we should not switch back to a stone age lifestyle.
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