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Hello (I realise I have spelt university wrong)


I am currently in my final year of university and I have had to come up with a conceptual idea.

My idea is for an Xbox that is built in to a television, making it somewhat like a television with a built in DVD player. I know that not everyone is an Xbox lover but that is my personal preference and the research I conduct could end up leading me to seeing that it would be better suited with a different console. If you could please fill out my survey. The results I collect will only be for research use and they will all be added together to help me analyse and conclude. Unfortunately due to ethical reasoning anyone under the age of 18 is unable to complete this. I apologise for the inconvenience as I know that such products do appeal to those under the age of 18. Thank you very much.

1/What is your age?
18 - 25
26 - 30
31 - 35

2/Which gaming system do you use on a regular basis? (at least monthly) (may select more than one)
Sony PlayStation
Microsoft Xbox
Nintendo wii
Other... Please state

3/Which of these do you play most frequently and why?

4/What is the average life span of your console?
Less than a year
One to two years
Two to three years
Over three years

5/What sized television do you believe is a suitable size for playing game on?
25 inches
25 to 34 inches
35 to 44 inches
Above 45 inches

6/Is it important to you to have a television with particular specifications for using in conjunction with a gaming system e.g. high definition, quality sound etc.
Not bothered

7/Excluding PC, do you feel that other gaming consoles take up a lot of room due to their size?
Not bothered

8/My product concept is a television with a built in Xbox console, making one unit. ignoring the previous answers based on your favourite console, would this particular product appeal to you?

9/ What issues and benefits do you find with this product concept?

10/ What price would you be willing to pay for this product? Taking in to account the cost of the tele and the cost of an Xbox(around £300). Also taking in to account life span and that a high spec television would improve your gaming experience? Thank you for your time, enjoy your day I would like to reiterate that this is not a real product it is just a concept that I am making for a piece of work at university, I will never be making this

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