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    Need some positive advice here!

    So recently I met this girl about 3 weeks ago, I really like her. I am a very shy and nervous guy when it comes to speaking to women in general. So I pushed myself to try and make an effort to try and speak to her. It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.

    So about a week ago I sent her a friend request on facebook, she accepted it and we started talking. It wasnt a free flowing convo. Just a convo like how are you, it was nice talking to you etc... She usually sends her messages late night. So the bottom line is that I asked for her number about 2 days ago, and she still hasnt replied to my message. It says on facebook "not sean" although shes been online several times. Im not sure what this means? Does she not like me?

    We met in person and asked me how old am I. I replied to her "17." Shes 20 herself, but in my eyes I dont see that as a problem. Do you think this put her off, or is it something women are testing? Like waiting how long untill i send her another message to see if im desperate or not?

    Women are so confusing!

    I would never test someone like that. Sounds to me like she thought it was too soon to ask for her number. Or maybe she isn't interested and doesn't want to lead you on. Unfortunately, we don't know for certain. You can always send her another message and see. If she ignores that too, move on and find someone new

    I wanted to give some negative advice by saying "I really doubt she is testing" and "she is probably ignoring you". "Maybe she felt you are interested to her" or "maybe she got put off by your age", but well you asked for POSITIVE ADVICE sooooo ... (read below)

    Man! wake up! don't waste your life with an old hag lol, after 20 years she will get so old you wished she look 3 years younger! Also, you are fuking awesome I am sure, who cares for this girl and you can get better, seriously you wanna an older girl? well it may be cool once, but wait bro you deserve better! She should be the one asking for number and facebook, not you. But well, it can't be helped bro, you are too kind, but if that girl is ignoring you and doesn't reply, she is not worth your time. Just believe you will find a better one and hell yeah! I am sure you gonna get a better one BECAUSE now you have the experience to push yourself and speak with a girl, so do the same with other girls, they are all waiting for you!!!!!

    P.S. No offence intended for couple with the girl older.
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