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Psiko Williams
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I'm an EU student from Spain going to the University of Leeds, and I'm in a really tough situation, because I'm going to be kicked out of university on 9th November if I don't have my fee payment situation with Student Finance sorted by then. I don't know what else to do or where else to go, so I'm writing this from pure desperation and hopelessness.

So, I sent my Student Finance application through in late August and I was informed a couple of weeks later that my application couldn't be processed as they couldn't accept my proof of identity (a certified photocopy of my passport) because the person who certified my proof of identity wasn't the same as the one who filled my Certifier Checklist, so I had to ask another person to certify a photocopy of my passport. I did as they told me, and I sent the letter from Spain, so it obviously took a while to arrive at their post.

Then, I came to England because my course was starting on 21st September. Around that time, I receive a letter from then saying that the person who certified my proof of identity (the 2nd time I did it) hadn't stated his occupation, when he actually had, but it was written in Spanish. Not wanting to waste more time, I did as they told me again and asked someone at my university to do it for me (not an easy thing to do at all because apparently nobody is willing to do it). The person who ended up helping me was a woman working at the School of Communications in my university. I sent them the letter again, and 2 weeks later I get notified that they couldn't accept my proof of identity because there was some missing information on the photocopy of my passport (the photocopy wasn't absolutely clear - the woman at reception was the one who made the photocopy), so I had to resend it again. I, once more, did as they told me and asked the same woman to do the same task but on a photocopy I brought myself. I sent that letter 2 weeks ago now.

At the same time, my university told me the registration period deadline was on 26th October (I hadn't been able to register because my fee payment situation wasn't resolved), so I talked to them and they gave me until the 2th of November to sort everything out or else I would need to sign a paper for them committing myself to pay the whole full tuition fee from my own funding, which I am obviously not able to do. I would have to present said paper to the university signed by 9th November, so I have until then to sort the Student Finance situation miraculously.

With this in mind, I had no time to waste waiting for the Student Finance letter to arrive, I called them today and they told me they had received my last proof of identity on October 22nd and that it had been rejected once more because the person who signed it wasn't eligible to do so - they advised a teacher or a minister of religion. They also told me that once they get all documentation through, it takes up to 3-4 weeks for them to process my application and send me something I can present to my university.

Knowing all this, I don't know what to do, because even if I had someone to certify my proof of identity again, I wouldn't get what I need in time (9th of November), so I will be kicked out of university no matter what.

My question is, is there anything in the world I can do to prevent this? Am I officially going to get kicked out?
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Jesus Christ what a predicament. In the first place I would directly inform Student Finance of the deadline set for you and demand that they expedite your case accordingly, as well as informing the university - armed with documentation - of the interminable problems you've had.

Ultimately the university ought not to throw you out as eventually you will get the tuition fee loan. To throw you out would mean sacrificing those fees.
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(Original post by Psiko Williams)
This is completely not my area, but I didn't see in your post that you have contacted the Student Union, so if you haven't already done so, I strongly urge you to do so.

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