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Brown Patrick Bateman
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(Original post by BigDog04)
Jools you are right with your reply but a)she was ill when she took the A levels first time + doesnt her new grades show her intelligence?
I wouldn't say so... getting AAA when you're at university, so your knowledge is possibly broadened from your course, as well as knowing 2nd time round the potential pitfalls, isn't the same as getting AAA first time round aged 17/18. Secondly 'special consideration' is available through the exam boards for illness, so it doesn't always count as a valid reason in the real world.
(Original post by BigDog04)
Why dont IB just specify they only want the top 20 unis - simply then everyone knows where they stand. I dont think people will be that offended- they will just be more realistic with their applications!!
Good idea, but...
a) Where is the cut-off point? How do you measure which are the "top 20" unis? Places like Sheffield, Leicester, Newcastle, Loughborough, Southampton, Lancaster are in top 20 in some league tables, not in others, so if they're excluded even though they're top 5 for [certain criteria] it wouldn't work.
b) As I said it's not 100% exclusive to the top 20. They simply want the very best candidates, so the most outstanding people from Liverpool, Hull etc may have a good stab at it.
c) It'll look very snobby and arrogant - what about the AAA person who had to stay at home and go to their local uni for whatever reason...

People do need to become more realistic though, the 'truth' is only found out through rumours/peers/hearsay. The likes of Goldman Sachs get people with CDD, a Media degree and no financial experience applying on a daily basis.
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I've been following this thread with some interest (since I found it today!) and, although IB is probably a bit out of my league, I'm curious as to how the Open University is looked upon when compared to Oxbridge and the like.

Granted, some would say that taking an undergraduate degree part-time is a far easier option. However, having taken at least half of mine whilst deployed on operations (I'm in the Forces), and guaranteed myself a 1st (30 points to go)...does this mean that I can get an IB graduate job at the wrong side of 30???
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