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Difficult relationship watch

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    Me and my partner are having difficulty coming out in public about our relationship. Firstly I don't think her family will accept me and I feel they will eat me alive in conversation.

    She works long days so is only available at night and is always long in the tooth when stressed after a hard days work so I feel I can't bring her home to meet my family.

    We've had a discussion that we should go abroad somewhere so we can be ourselfs together.
    I suggested somewhere hot like turkey but she is adamant we should go to the artic circle Norway(something about it being night for a long period)

    I really love her and want to be together for the rest of our lives and would like to ask her to marry me but she isn't Catholic and wouldn't step anywhere near a church!

    Anyway any suggestions will be appreciated thanks

    Van Helsing

    Hi there Van Helsing!

    I think what would be best for your and your partner is to sit and have a long conversation about approaching coming out in public, you don't have forever to think about it! I would suggest cooking a meal for her, maybe something rare like a stake, you know, something that she can really get her teeth into. Avoid the garlic though, it's a killer! I'm sure her family will be willing to accept you get to know them and get involved in their traditions. Keep things simple with them, anything you can find common ground on, stay away from things like religion and crosses and stuff.

    With regards to a place for vacation, I would recommend Transylvania. I hear there are some pretty awesome castles out there. Stay away from the villages though, they have tendency to get over excited and before you know it there are pitchforks and torches everywhere!



    It seems to me that you need to sit down and have a talk about your relationship. At some point you'll need to meet each other's parents. If hers end up not approving, you need to talk about if that matters to you. You also need to compromise on a holiday, maybe do one one year and another the next. Finally, is it very important to you that your future wife is Catholic? It seems from how you've phrased it that this is a major issue for you. You can't force her to be Catholic, so if it is that important to you, you might need to find a partner who is Catholic
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