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    Can anyone give me a piece of advice to learn how to save cash?

    I’m used to spending a lot.When I notice that I have a lot of cash in my budget, I cannot control myself and I buy something not useful. Then, I have to try to save money again to buy the items that I was supposed to buy previously. I am aware that I have priorities and I have to save much money to buy a good item, but as I have already mentioned, when I see another item and I have enough money to buy it, I just click. It is too fast and then I regret it and I blame myself for doing that.I’ve already tried to keep it on a warehouse but unfortunately I have the password.
    What should I do?
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    If on PC, wait for sales unless you really want the game. If console, buy second hand

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    Well this isn't a gaming problem, but as someone who often breaks even or makes money playing games, I'll give you money-saving advice on that.

    - Never buy a game full price. There is ALWAYS a deal, even if it's not released yet.

    - For PC, there are key sites who have low prices for pre-ordering games. I pre-ordered Metal Gear Solid V and Battlefront for about £50, the price of one of those full price. After release, sites like GoG and Steam will have sales during holidays such as summer, Christmas, Halloween etc. as well as just random sales. Not only should you only be buying a game if it's on sale, but a game at a good enough discount. If it's 33% off, that's not a lot, you could wait for 75% off to come next time. There are sites for seeing sales history for games and lowest prices.

    - For console, there's going to be pre-orders for £10 less than normal someone. Just regular sites like Amazon, Tesco, Sainsburys. For the PS3/360 gen, a good pre-order price was £30-£35. After release, pre-owned is the way to go. There's also digital games on PSN and (the extortionate) Xbox Marketplace, and the advice for this is the same as PC. Wait for sales, try key sites.

    - Buy pre-owned.

    - When buying pre-owned, games that are missing a case or manual or has damage (a crack in the case for example) will be cheapest. You won't miss the manual (especially today as manuals are extinct) or case, the disc or cart is all that matters. You can then sell it for more, see below.

    - Sell games you're not fussed about. We live in a different era now, we can choose from thousands of different games, so there's no need to keep games you're done with. Sell them while they're still relatively recent. Keep the few you actually adore and will play again in years to come.

    - Also keep in mind that you can't sell digital games. You'd get better value buying pre-owned then selling it for the same price, rather than buying the digital game on sale.

    - Emulation. Most consoles before the Dreamcast/PS2/Xbox/Gamecube gen have been emulated near perfectly. So think about selling games that you could be playing through your PC via emulation anyway.

    - If you have the time, volunteer at a good charity shop as their entertainment expert. I was at one for a couple of years and was swimming in retro games and consoles. If you're at a shop that just throws electronic stuff away, you can take them for yourself for a donation or something. I got most of my consoles and hundreds of games from there. Those I didn't want, I sold. As they were retro, they went for good money.

    - See if there's a local selling group on Facebook. Get games or other things for good prices on there, particularly TVs.

    - Borrow games from friends. Get a gamer girlfriend.

    But this won't fix the issue you have, which at a guess is just a symptom of having more money than sense. The only way that gets fixed is to experience what it's like to be penniless, on 'benefits', in poverty. Then when you get a job or come into money, you keep your spending habits but treat yourself with disposable income at times.



    (Original post by A5ko)
    Lol, this ain't the PS1 era man.
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