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How many miles should I expect from a full tank of diesel ? watch

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    My car is a 2006 mk2 focus 1.8 TDCI,

    urban fuel - 39.2 mpg
    extra urban - 63 mpg
    combined - 52.3 mpg

    My car has a 52.3 litre tank capacity

    When I fill my tank to the brim the needle begins to drop after about 40 miles, by the time my low diesel light comes on I barely get 400 miles, and that is with driving very lightly and letting my car roll out of gear at high speed, example going downhill or coming to traffic lights,
    however that is with mainly urban usage not many motorways, but still, I should be getting more than 400 miles from mostly urban and some combined mileage, shouldn't I ?
    car has a problem with maf sensor wiring being torn and reading open circuit so hopefully should be better once that is sorted


    Rolling out of gear is actually worse for your economy, not better. On the overrun the momentum of the car will turn the engine over and the ecu will cut fuelling. If you're in neutral then the ecu has to feed fuel to the engine to keep it idling. Not to mention the fact that it's not a good habit anyway. Just leave it in gear and get off the throttle early when you need to slow down.

    You're better off using a website like fuelly to properly calculate your MPGs from tank to tank.

    My old Golf averaged about 400 miles a tank with mostly urban driving

    My Passat averages 450-500, although that'd be higher if I'd recorded my 2000 mile trip around France which was 95% cruising. Also just fitted a new air filter and cruise control will be going on soon so I should see a slight rise in average

    Tbh, you're not doing that badly, although the dodgy MAF wiring won't be helping as it'll revert to a non-optimal MAF map when it can't see a proper reading.

    400 miles seems about right. I never got much more than about 54mpg out of my (similar) Focus when on a long motorway run. As already posted, don't role in neutral - much worse for fuel economy.

    Also keep an eye on that engine and specifically fuel injector number 3. If you start smelling fumes in the cabin or see a black residue building up around the injector, get it swapped out ASAP. Failure to do so will eventually result in turbo and ultimately engine failure as I discovered.

    Good luck!
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