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    Hello guys I'm currently revising for my GCSE exam next week and I need someone to mark my question in order to track my progress
    Currently I am away on my half term break therefore I couldn't ask my teacher to mark it so here is my response :

    Source 1 is an online article whose purpose is to inform us about the issues of kids not spending enough time outdoors, whereas source 3 is an extract whose purpose is to describe.

    Firstly, source 1 uses hyperbole in order to inform us and highlight the fact that children are "out of touch with nature". The fact that they are out of touch illustrated how they can no longer sense it. This leaves us feeling concerned.

    On the other hand, source 2 uses hyperbole as well however it is used for a completely different purpose - instead it is used to conjure an image into our head; there was "rubble, piles of rock littered across the horizon", emphasising how there were loads of things in the background of the scene.

    Next in source 1, the writer uses a quote, stating that not being outside results in "worrying" consequences. The use of the quote almost makes it sound like its a fact - the opinion is not only expressed by the writer but is also supported by the quote. This makes the text sound almost authoritative and accurate.

    Likewise, source 3 uses dialogue albeit they are used to paint an image in the readers head and makes us want to read on as it is interesting. "theres a gold course over there..." makes the reader feel realistic as it is a actual conversation from the experience the writer had with his friend.

    Next, source 1 uses statistics in order to prove that overprotective parents are indeed overprotective and the writer uses a statistic to prove their argument; "children are three times more likely to injure themselves by falling out of the bed than by falling off a tree". This effective use of satire is also used in order to ridiclue the opposing arugment, as comparing the outside towards falling off the bed is completely ridiculous. This consequently sways our opinion towards the writer's viewpoint.

    Though source 3 doesn't contain statistics it doesn't need to - the purpose of the extract is to describe - not to aruge and persuade.

    In conclusion, both sources use language effectively in order to meet its purpose.

    Some feedback and criticism is highly appreciated
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Updated: October 30, 2015


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