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    Hey guys, so I'm in a bit of a difficult situation here and I'm not sure where I should post it...but here goes. Prepare yourself for a brief summary of my educational history.

    I want to apply for medicine however I failed to get 3 predicted A's for next year. Here's my background.

    6 A* (Biology, Physics, Humanities, Dual-Science Award (Y9), History, English Language)
    5 A's (Maths, Chemistry, Geography, English Literature, ICT)
    2 B's (one in fine art, the other was german which I took as an extra)

    Biology: A
    History: A
    RE: A
    General Studies: A
    Maths: C
    Chemistry (OCR): E

    I'm taking Biology, History and Chemistry at A2. Here are my predicted grades...

    Biology: A*
    History: A*
    Chemistry: C

    I have very high UMS in biology AS (94%) and I got 100% in my AS history exam. In my mocks I got all A's except from Maths (C) and Chemistry (B) where I was 1 mark off an A.

    Needless, to say it was definitely a bit of a shock on results day when I performed so badly in Chemistry. I've never really struggled at Chemistry, and I was 2 off an A* at GCSE. I had been getting B's and A's all year in my midterm exams and I was predicted an A for AS. I was pretty much top of the class, and while I did fall ill (and so couldn't revise for 5 days straight the week before my exams started), I don't think that justifies my exceptionally poor performance in Chemistry. My teacher's told me that previously there have occasionally been cases where a predicted A student might get a C, but that falling to an E is extremely rare, almost unheard of.

    Understand that I'm only interested in doing a Biology-related subject, and so I'm in a bit of a dilemma here... most courses want AAA or AAB or ABB (and you need to take minimum 2 sciences), whereas I'm predicted A*A*C, which means pretty much everything is ruled out. I tried to get my predicted grade up to a B so I could at least apply for medicine at Exeter (AAB) or for a Bio-medicine or a Biology course but my teachers refused...even though I got an A in my first mid-term. This means that currently I can't apply to any university for a science course...This of course means that if I don't get AAA, I don't have a backup course to go onto - and so I'll have to apply for something like a pure Biology course (which I could have applied for otherwise If my teachers predicted me a B in chemistry).

    I don't think I've ever got bad grades (below a B) in anything up until this point and never thought I'd be in this situation if I'm perfectly honest.
    Despite this, I'm not one to give up easily though, I did the UKCAT the day before results day and I scored 760 (unfortunately I'm going to have to redo the UKCAT next year), and so I know I definitely have the aptitude for Medicine...it's just a matter of getting these 3 A's. I've done volunteering, extra-curricular events, I'm chairman of my college, I've got work-experience...I have almost the full profile except the grades

    My current plan of action is to take a gap year and apply with my A2 results. I'm literally working my ass off in Chemistry and I plan to retake all my modules and ISA's (I'm doing OCR chemistry) but I feel so under pressure to perform well, if I don't get an A...well...I'm not even considering that at his point. I know I'm not an E grade chemist (despite my poor grade at AS) and I realize that most likely I had a bad day in the Summer, but I still worry all the time, and I think it might be starting to affect my revision. Any tips, or success stories to help bring my spirits up?

    I know it's a bit late but how come you didn't consider re-marking your chemistry? Was it one exam particularly worse than the other? Our college also does OCR and I know many people who got an A/B in the first exam F321 and E or U in the second, F322, hence a D/E overall. Some did ask for remark while others will resit.
    I also read in the news that OCR was under fire for not meeting deadlines and so rushing through marking papers before results day, this could have resulted in such results for many people.

    However I understand that the deadline has passed and so I think your plan is perfectly alright and it is your only option. I'm not applying for medicine myself but don't see anything wrong with your plan to do a gap year and apply, I guess it would be important to make the gap year productive however, perhaps do more work experience, etc. You don't need to worry except to secure as best grades as you can and to make the most of your time.

    One question though: how come you did so many AS levels? In our college the strict limit is 4, no more, and quite a few will do 3. Of course we can't turn back the clock but I would prefer doing less and doing better. But it doesn't matter because you are wisely doing 3 A levels now so more time to concentrate on them.

    Have you had your chemistry remarked? A friend of mine went up 23marks!!

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    Definitely get such an unexpected mark re-marked, or at least get a photocopy. I've seen cases where they've just forgot to count a 2 pages of marks.

    (Original post by nexttime)
    Definitely get such an unexpected mark re-marked, or at least get a photocopy. I've seen cases where they've just forgot to count a 2 pages of marks.
    It's way, way too late for that now. The deadline was 20th September.

    (Original post by radster_x)

    Understand that I'm only interested in doing a Biology-related subject, and so I'm in a bit of a dilemma here...
    Just a quick fyi, most medical schools care far far more that you have chemistry over biology. Chemistry is a big deal in medicine.
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