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Born-muslims converting out of islam/adopting another faith? watch

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    I was born into a religious family. There was a time in my life where I was, as you'd say, on my "deen" and I pretty much believe whatever was shouted down at me at masjeed. Then I started asking questions and all anyone would reply is that "the shaytaan is whispering doubt". Tbh it wasnt doubt until they said it was. Then I really started researching things. I fell more in love with the prophets personality in its visible transparency rather than all the negative things prechers use to scare. And i realised im more spiritual than anything. I feel like islam as it fall in modern day is just a set of traditions used to hold together a "ummah" not really united at all. I was more comfortable opening up myself and appreciating everything God has given me through using my own brain. Not listening to prechers etc. Doing my own research. And slowly I realised the way I lived my life and what I believed in meant I was not any longer what you'd call a "muslim", so I adopted agnosticism.

    I honestly feel like my mother already knows, since ive taken off my head scarf but i feel like it would be a whole other troupe if i tell her straight up. I still believe in a God, i just dont believe in religion. And I dont think she'd understand that.

    Any other past-muslims in the same situation? whether youve converted to another religion or became an agnostic/atheist?

    If you did research on the religion and then shouldn't that increase knowledge on Islam. I know that we are supposed to be be one Ummah and it doesn't seem that way but that's never a reason the religion. The definition of Muslim is the one who submits to will of God. Believe in Allah and learn more about the religion. I think the problem we have today is we don't read the Quran and understand if you did then you wouldn't having any problem. You say your family are religious people ask them questions you have in your mind and if you are afraid then post on here.

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