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    Okay so, I went to the shops for her at like half 7 just before closing time and managed to get her stuff, got her £5 note, change, receipt and bank card out of the small zip in a pocket in my bag, and left it on the table. She now accuses me of stealing it, and is threatening to force me out of the house and how she'll "speak to the college" about me?

    (A way that she believes will get me kicked out of the house I legally live in?? LOL)
    She is a complete b*tch and treats me less than a human, always swearing at me and giving me a hard time. Never trusting me, respecting me as an equal etc. I am always belittled yet she's always crying to my older brother about how I apparently "belittle" her, and "talk down" to her. Whenever I tell her to stop treating me like I'm nothing I'm a human being, she just says "I'M MUM YOU NEED TO STOP"-... blabla. Everytime, it's always "I'm mom" this, "I'm mom" that, she uses her title as a parent to patronize me, and I'm really sick of it.

    I'm at my second year of college, retaking GCSEs and I'm sick of it.. I want to move out but I can't. No money, no job, all I have is my college and few friends.

    So I guess what I'm asking is;

    1) How do I get her to p*ss off, and stop accusing me of stealing her bank card?
    2) How do I get a job knowing I have little to no GCSEs to fall back on, nor job experience? (work experience I have, but it was held in the staff room at school)
    3) How do I move somewhere better, from this disgusting parent? (falls under #2's answer I guess)

    I'm pretty upset and my right hand is tired (before you say it, no lmao.) so excuse any typos and such.

    The first step is:
    growing up.

    wow she sounds more like a friend than a mum.
    hmm it's hard but i would stay at the house since your not in some sort of danger
    is your dad in the picture?
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