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    Hi all,

    I applied with a friend to live in uni halls together and, since it was convenient, we've taken to sharing things like certain groceries (milk, eggs, cheese, etc) and other costs. We don't shop together since she has more expensive taste while my budget doesn't stretch as far, meaning I try and shop around to get the best deals.

    Since I'm more organised and always carry change, I'll be the one that pays the most when we split a taxi or do our laundry. She does contribute but it's usually a pound or two less than what I pay because she simply doesn't have the coins on her. She's also fairly lazy when it comes to cooking so she'll take my food or snacks (with my permission) and heat it up or eat them. I should clarify here that she shares her food, too, but there's nothing I want and I'd feel spiteful eating it just because.

    My food isn't particularly expensive but the costs add up and the things I thought might last me a few months have been eaten in just one. Am I just overthinking the situation? I do know that I scrimp more than the normal student so my perspective is a little different, would appreciate any comments.

    TL,DR: Living with a friend who sometimes eats my food/pays just under her share and I don't know if this should bother me or not.

    Yes, it should bother you. Sit her down and have a reasonable talk about how it's only fair that she pays what she should. If you keep paying the difference, she'll keep thinking it's okay

    yes i would address the concerns sooner than later! longer you leave it, she will not think there's a problem or she will take advantage

    she sounds exactly like a girl i used to live with in my house @ uni.. it was a nightmare and she ended up not paying bills on time.. which really drove everyone crazy
    it may be a difficult conversation/awkward, but worth it
    especially if you think actually i probably can't live with her?
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