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    Im starting to feel depressed again - Ive seenLOADS of health professional since the age of like 7. Now I'm at Uni i feel like its getting worse again.
    Ive been to the doctors about 3 years ago when i was self harming and nothing was really got done.
    Since then I've just plodded on with life, with no help. I am also a care leaver so I have no family. I lost contact with my friends when I left secondary school.
    I live in Uni accommodation at the moment and I dont talk to any of my flatmates. I only leave my room for food and lectures. I also dont sleep very well. I go to sleep alike 3am and get up at 7am. I constantly ache and dont do anything socially wherefore I feel weak physically and emotionally.
    I really need to get help but I dont know where to go and If i do go; what if they dont believe me and then I sound like an idiot! Just need some advice.

    my advice would be to push yourself out of your comfort zone, in your own little steps, for example maybe make a cup of tea in your shared kitchen and sit in there for an extra few minutes or smile and make small talk with someone on your course at uni. also, most units have a student nurse or therapy place you can get confidential help with things like your sleeping and self harm, maybe look on your uni website at their student services or something, i know mine helped me a lot when i first moved in. just take everything at your own pace, try and maybe see a doctor abut your sleeping, eat healthily and it will make you feel a lot more energetic and less achey. basically, go see if your uni have a therapy or counselling scheme, they may be better then the doctors you went to when you was younger because uni is more of an adult zone and you may be taken more seriously. heck, you could even join a sports club or society like i did and push yourself a little harder to not hide away in your room, i joined swimming and that was difficult for me as i have scars too but i decided i was worth more than spending hours away hiding in my room. I'm always here if you want to message me further, good luck hun


    I'm so sorry to hear about your current situation at the moment

    One of the best things I could suggest would be to get more sleep, maybe have a sleep routine? e.g you could schedule some sleep in from, say, midnight until 7/8am, al devices switched off, no distractions. You may feel less depressed if you've got more sleep.

    also try to socialise with flatmates, even for a couple of minutes. They where once in the same position of no knowing anybody in thier flat, if you go and start some small talk with them, or watch TV, or join them in Activities etc.

    Otherwise you should see a doctor about your pains and aches if they still persist

    Hope you feel better! :console:
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