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    The things we do to keep our minds off of our fears, and in effect, our dreams. We fail to realize that these distractions are temporary at best, and because of this we find more and more to “keep our minds busy” doing things that just don’t matter; they do more harm than good. You have to remember that you are trying to trick something powerful, intelligent, and driven beyond imagination into being content with settling for an existence less than what it is capable of; Yourself. You, your mind, your heart, your soul…They are all too smart to be tricked for long. Putting our hands in front of our own eyes and saying it is dark out can only fool us so long. We KNOW we are capable of more. The yearning is too great to believe otherwise. We hunger for more than what we are settling for from of ourselves. But we don’t move forward; we distract. And the results? Depression, anxiety, restlessness, discontent, frustration, anger, sadness.
    All symptoms of a sickness that is killing us slowly. Like any other illness, you fight back; you get sick to your stomach, your head hurts, you can’t sleep or eat right anymore. You run a “fever” of all the above…Depression, frustration, discontent…All symptoms of your soul fighting it’s toughest battle, trying to rid you of the distractions that are threatening to take your life from you. The life you are meant to live. The dreams that are meant to enter this world THROUGH YOU. The reality that you are to create; the story you are here to tell.
    Be brave. Every symptom you have is just proof of the greatness that is inside you, begging to come out. It’s your soul crying out to LIVE, not just exist. It is your sign to move forward, to shed the skin of the life you have already outgrown, and to give yourself a real shot at the life you were always meant for. Don’t give up now. We all have our ways of self-destructing. You know what they are. Maybe it is what we eat or drink. The things we take to help us forget, or the technology we use to keep our minds aimlessly busy so that we don’t have to think at all. We ALL have our escape. But the reality is, you aren’t here to escape. And that is why distractions don’t last long. You aren’t meant to live a life you need a vacation from…You are meant for a life that doesn’t need a vacation at all, because the act of living YOUR life is what you WANT most. And you have it in you to do just that. The mountains in front of you might be far and high, but I PROMISE you the view is much better from up there.
    Find the real you. It’s not hidden as deep as you think; it’s that small voice that never stops whispering “Maybe I can”. YOU know what to do, but you have to build up momentum. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and those at rest to stay at rest. Maybe you keep stopping short of your dreams because you never really let yourself BEGIN; all it takes is one distraction to slow you down enough to keep you from making it over the hill. Admit what’s keeping you back, thank it for what it has taught you, and then let go. Let go of your self imposed chains and you self defined limits; they are not meant for you. You will determine how far you go. But it will take courage. One act at a time. Are you ready to see what you can do? Keep your eyes on the prize, the only one that matters; A good life, worth living, that makes people better for having known you. You just so happen to be one of those people. So do it for you. It’s time to face your fears. Because they are the gatekeepers to all you want. And you are so ready.
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