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Shocked I bet. I've felt like that before (Man U vs Porto) but the shock wasn't quite as bad. But this time, the outcome isn't so bad, and that's what I wanted to share here.

Yes we lost. Even 1-1 felt bad. But we'd have taken 1-1. Then we went and lost it. All it took was two mistakes, despite doing ever so well. You have to feel sorry for Heskey and Gerrard though. And for Beckham, who hit a very good penalty in fairness. But it is early days.

The other two teams in our group drew. That's great for us. If we can perform like we did in the first hour today, against Croatia and Switzerland, we're through and this game will be just a memory. Fabulous free kick though, deserves to be remembered. Anyway, all is not lost. That's all I wanted to start this thread for.
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