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    i'm a first year at uni, and the uni i've chosen suits me as a person down to the ground, but i have no real friends yet
    i went down to this uni in september when term started, i stayed a week and left because i missed home too much so i left (it was 7 hours away from my family) and transferred to somewhere closer to home, but i felt like i'd made a mistake so within a few days i pretty much transferred back to the first uni
    and it was just a mess really

    i carried on with the course at uni but i've felt lonely, i've been back there again since october 3rd so almost a month
    i haven't got any proper friends or anybody to talk to, trust me i know it takes a while but everybody around me has their own group and select friends and i just feel like i've got no one
    not only that, i feel like i just can't be bothered with university
    the uni itself is so good and the course is interesting but i feel uninspired and unwilling to do the work or even care
    i know lots of students feel this way
    i'm just wondering whether uni's right for me at this moment in time
    i regretted leaving the first time i left uni and don't want to feel that way again because apart from my family there's nothing left at home really
    i'm poorly with flu as well which doesn't help and i really just want to go home
    i'm in aberystwyth for reading week visiting my boyfriend and he passed this flu on... he's so happy here and he has loads of mates and has really settled in, but i just haven't on the other hand
    term carries on on monday and i feel like just going home to my mum to be looked after by her because i feel so sh*t

    sometimes i don't get myself and truth is, i don't really know what i want anymore
    i enjoy writing and being a writer, but i don't know if doing an english with creative writing degree is what i want to do, i'm only doing it so i can have a decent job in future and i guess thats why everybody goes to uni
    i feel like for the past 15 years all i've been doing is aiming for a grade and aiming to pass and move onto the next level, truth is i'm so bored of it
    and i'm a lucky girl, i have a privileged life, i've got everything i've wanted and want but somehow i'm still discontent with it
    i just feel really selfish, wasting time and opportunities that millions out there don't have
    but even taking those opportunities because i should use up what others don't have doesn't necessarily make me happier...
    i'm 18 and have no idea what i really want to do with myself
    but i'm not sure if uni's for me, but i won't make it out there without a degree.
    and i can't afford to waste time considering what to do because there's work to be done on any path i choose

    what makes me happy is writing and being a poet and having my loved ones around me
    i'm an independent girl, i can live alone, i've done it before, but its just the lack of a support network that makes me feel unstable i know everybody goes through it... so its not that i haven't grown up, because i have done a lot of growing up over the past couple of months
    all the paperwork of transferring to and from with universities and transporting stuff back and money, i did it all independently without the help of my parents
    i think i'm still young though regardless and have no clue about what to do
    my indecisiveness is driving me insane

    but right now I have flu and tomorrow i'm supposed to be getting on a train back to university
    but I'm wondering whether i should just go home to my parents and take a week to get better in my own bed with my parents to talk to

    then head back to uni with a clear head... I know i'm not gonna be able to attend lectures and seminars next week anyway...
    but does anybody have any personal experiences similar to this or any advice to give on whatever I'm feeling right now? do i need to give university longer?

    Hi i literally just read this and can relate 100% I've always wanted to do journalism and english and now I'm on the course I've been uni like twice, I've made no friends I've fallen behind so much and now I'm really anxious to start again i have also fallen ill and its really of putting and hard to get myself into uni everyday, I've lost all motivation and passion, i feel like I'm really going to try and push myself to go in and make friends even though generally I'm not a very open and friendly person but its my only option since I'm so behind. try emailing your tutor or someone who can give you more advice about catching up and joining a society?
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