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Am I overanalysing?.Too Early,Too Soon. watch

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    I'm a 20 yr old female and currently at university (2nd year).Theres a guy on my course who looks at me quite frequently.I find him attractive and he looks like he's a really nice ,genuine guy.I don't know if this is in my head but at times in class I can feel his eyes on me.Last week we had to split ourselves into groups of 8 (not for us to converse and work together as a group but so we could do the same tasks individually in silence).Before I knew it him and him guy friend were standing with us and we had to go to a computer room.He sat opposite me and I could not hold any eye contact .I ended up hiding begin the screen monitor so I could concentrate on my work.
    In another class he walked in first and sat on a table with his 3 friends.Then I sat on the one diagonal to theirs with my 2 friends .It was the only one left lol.When I sat down he moved and sat on a different chair so he was sitting facing me.(I hope that makes sense).

    Right now I really don't know what to think .The last guy I liked for a year & a half I was 110% sure he liked me back,even my friends thought he did.I gathered the courage to tell him I liked him and when I told him he said he didn't like me.
    After that event I didn't fancy anybody for the next year .There are days when I try and convince myself that I don't like him (guy on my course) ,try and talk myself out of liking him.

    I forgot to mention I don't speak to him,we have never spoken.We haven't had the chance to,there's nothing we can talk about.The fact that he has lots of friends and is always with somebody makes it difficult to have a conversation .I don't even know what I would say tbh.

    Help me out brothers and sisters,I went all over the place with this post but opinions ,advice ,tips all welcome.

    P.S I have never had a boyfriend before if anyone is wondering .I am really inexperienced with guys.

    You sound like a 12 year old one dimension fan.
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    Sorry didn't read it all. So cannot say anything but one thing is for sure us girls think way too much and over analyse. Even i do that 24/7! its so annoying. Btw this has nothing to do with what u stated.

    The guy, if he looks at you or stares at you ..then he prob finds you attractive. That's for sure. Men only look or stare at thing they think are pleasant.
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    Yes, it does sound like he is attracted to you and wants to get to know you but doesn't really have the opportunity/confidence to.

    If he's on your course maybe you're both in a Facebook group together and you can initiate something there?

    What happened with your previous crush sucks but don't lose the confidence to try again.

    Good luck! :loveduck:

    (Original post by Mr Flak Jacket)
    You sound like a 12 year old one dimension fan.
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