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Do i require IB HL Maths for engineering courses at university? watch

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    I'm taking IB SL Maths right now. Is it required for me to take HL Maths to get into engineering courses in the UK and US? Also, what else can i do to show my math skills to universities?

    Every UK university that I've looked at requires HL Maths (I'm also applying for engineering), but there might be some I haven't seen. You can try looking in the 'requirements' section of the engineering course page or department page. I'm not very sure about this, because I'm not very familiar with the UK system, but that's just what I've found.In the US, HL Maths isn't required to get into engineering in college (it might help, though, and some of the higher ranked universities might actually suggest taking it, but I don't know for sure). However, US universities accept students a month or two before we even take our IB tests, and we don't have the "conditional offer" or "unconditional offer" type of thing that UK universities do-If a university in the US accepts you, that usually means you're in unless you fail the rest of the year (if there are any conditions like that, they'll tell you in the acceptance letter). But I have never seen a university accept a student on the condition that they get a certain score on a certain IB test. But I wouldn't sweat it if you're applying to an engineering program in the US and not taking HL Maths, because you have to realize that many US universities place more emphasis on SAT and ACT scores (in which case, if you have taken them, you know what kind of math is on there... not a very high level), as well as extracurriculars. If you're missing any math skills that aren't taught in SL, many US universities will make sure you're caught up by making you take plenty of courses (even if you are caught up, you'll still need to take those courses).

    If you want to show them that you have the ability to meet the university's standards (in the UK, this is purely theoretical, I'm not a rep lol), I would say that studying as much of the HL curriculum as you can on your own (off the top of my head, we're mainly learning calculus, but we're also learning statistics, matrices, probability, and complex numbers) and prepare for calculus or engineering questions that might be asked at an interview (if you will be interviewed). Are you taking HL Physics, and if you are, does your school teach the engineering option? I think that might help a bit.

    Oh, and if anyone has heard differently, please let me know (I might be living in the US, but there are certain areas of the college application process that I'm still not very clear about)
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